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Angel and Archangels & the Celestial Hierarchy

{written by : Carol Powel-Smith}

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Article is about :
The Celestial Hierarchy : a look at the order of angelic Beings

Reincarnation The Neverending Journey
In Reincarnation The Neverending Journey an attempt is made to explore the conundrum of our existence. An existence that spans yesterday, today and even tomorrow. Questions surrounding the existence of the soul and our connections to the physical world, the fundamental mechanisms and the processes by which reincarnation operates through time, are carefully examined. Plausible revelations on memories and karma and their intrinsic connections to our lives today and tomorrow are explored. It is a Neverending Journey.. Your Neverending Journey....

by Pieter Heydenrych

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When we think of celestial beings we usually think that they are angels, but not all spiritual beings are in this category. An angel is an energy being from a higher plane of existence. The word angel is derived from the Greek word angelos which means messenger. Angels are messengers that bring messages from energy beings above them.

In the 5th century a theologian and philosopher named Pseudo-Dionysius the Aeropagite,put together a listing of
the order or ranking of the Celestial Hierarchy. This is his list:

1. Seraphim
2. Cherubim
3. Thrones
4. Dominions
5. Virtues
6. Powers
7. Principalities
8. Archangels
9. Angels--closest to Earth

It is the opinion of some that there is a grouping of 3 levels above the order of the Seraphim, thus making a total of 12 ranks. We cannot describe them except that they are directly connected to the Divine Source; God.

They are given the names:
Beings of the Presence

The Beings from the highest on down to the order of Angels are put into groupings called Choirs.

1st Choir--Beings of the Presence--Celestials--Illuminations

2nd Choir--Seraphim--Cherubim—Thrones

3rd Choir--Dominations--Virtues—Powers

4th Choir--Principalities--Archangels--Angels

The name Seraphim means “the burning ones”. These beings are said to be full of love and consist of pure light energy. They are concerned with keeping a divine order in all of creation.

The number two rank is the Cherubim. The name Cherubim means knowledge or wisdom. These are beings of love and knowledge they are said to channel energy from the Source and be able to communicate the knowledge to the beingsbelow them.

The third rank is the Thrones. They are known as The “Wheels”, most likely because they are said to move around swiftly like charioteers. The Thrones are said to be beings of justice who oversee cosmic law and are completely unbiased.

The fourth rank is the Dominions. They are called Dominions because they oversee the beings below them after receiving instructions from the orders above them.

The fifth rank is the Virtues. These energy beings work on a grand scale; meaning that they operate in higher and multiple levels, are concerned with the physical realm as a whole and are said to assist us by sending helpingenergy to the collective human conscious

The sixth rank is the Powers. These energy beings are responsible for maintaining the laws of the physical dimension. They are the guardians who watch over us in a general way. The Powers are the first group in the celestial orders that get more closely involved with us here in the Earth dimension and are often thought of as warriors. In a way we could start calling them Angelic Beings.

The seventh rank is the Principalities. This group we will call the angelic beings who are closely involved with affairs of the physical dimension. They work on the grand scale and don’t get as individually involved as the Archangels and angels below them, yet they still answer our calls for help.

The eighth rank is that of the Archangels, the ones most known to us. They are in command of human affairs and work on many levels among the ranks of energy beings. This is necessary because they have the duty of carrying out the instructions from the higher beings of light to the angels below them.

There are many versions of who the Archangels are and what the total number of them is. Different cultures over time have created their own versions.

In the older literature, seven Archangels were usually named. Perhaps the best known list comes from Dionysius the Aeropagite, who lived in the 5th century,and who is more commonly known as Pseudo-Dionysius. The following is his list:








In most esoteric literature the four Archangels Michael—Raphael—Uriel and Gabriel have a special ranking. Michael is always considered to be the highest ranking Archangel and these four Archangels are often thought to Represent:











In today’s world it is thought by some that there are really 12 Archangels and the following is a list of the 12 most known Archangels in our culture and some information about them:

MICHAEL (also known as Mika’il—Sabbathiel)
The name means “who is like God”. Michael has the honor of being the leader of the Archangels, whose energy is for protection of the earth and all human beings. Call upon Michael for protection from physical harm and protection from negative forces.

RAPHAEL (Labbiel)
The name means “God heals”, Raphael is a powerful healer, and all healers are under Raphael’s protection and guidance. All types of healing are watched over by him.

Like the other Archangels, Raphael has a legion of angels below his/her energy (angelic beings are neither male nor female)

URIEL (Sariel—Muriel—Suriel—Oriel—Remiel)
The name means “light of God”; Uriel is the Archangel of ministration (service) and of peace. Uriel is a master of spiritual understanding, divine magic and problem solving, and also helps in the healing process by assisting us to release painful memories.

GABRIEL (Jibril—Abruel—Serafili)
The name means ‘strength of God’. Gabriel is called the “messenger” angel and also referred to as the angel of resurrection. Gabriel is trying to transform your life by sending messages below the conscious level, to your innerself. It is then up to you to be always aware of and get in touch with that inner self. Gabriel is connected with transformation of love at a very deep level.

One of the few Archangels whose name doesn’t end in el. Metatron was a human and ascended to become an Archangel. It is believed that he was Enoch in a previous lifetime upon Earth. Metatron looks after the Akashic records which are a recording of your life events, and as such is connected with communications, knowledge and thought.

CHAMUEL (Camael—Camiel—Seraphiel—Jahoel—Kemuel)
The name means “he who sees God”. Chamuel gives you comfort. This comes from the love that you receive directly and also from the encouragement you get to go out and help others. Deep down this is one of the most comforting and satisfying things that we do—giving us the inner comfort, ( not the material reward), that the Good Samaritan must have felt.

RAGUEL (Raguil—Rasuil—Akrasiel—Rufael)
The name means “friend of God”. Raguel is a being ofjustice and fairness for all, who watches over the angels to be sure they are following the Divine Plan.

JOPHIEL (Iofiel—Jofiel—Zophiel—Cassiel—Orifiel)
The name means “beauty of God”. Jophiel is connected with creativity and aspirations for higher knowledge whose teachings help you to understand life better— why we are all here and what we are to do.

HANIEL (Aniel—Hamiel—Onoel—Hamael)
The name means “grace of God”. Haniel brings harmony and inspiration into your life. Haniel helps you to enjoy life more. Our existence is not supposed to be merely a round of duties. We function better when happy.

ZADKIEL (Tzadkiel—Sachiel—Zadakiel—Zedekiel)
The name means “righteousness of God”. Zadkiel is the energy of compassion and forgiveness and is often called the angel of prayer. This comes to us on an energetic level, below our level of consciousness. It inspires us to go inward and connect with Spirit—which after all is what real prayer is.

BARBIEL (Barachiel—Baruel—Barbuel)
The name means “illumination of God”. Barbiel focuses upon right and wrong in regards to human behavior and tries to get us to understand our actions. This we do by listening to our inner voice, which is the conduit through which we get our direction in the different choices we have to make.

The name means” mercy of God” Jeremiel helps newly crossed souls during their transition and also helps the living to make positive changes in their life. Another role is to help us to enhance our psychic abilities.

The final ninth rank belongs to the Angels. These arethe messengers who interact with us humans. There are considered to be hundreds of angels connected with Earth.

The following is a list of some of them with the virtues they posses:

Hamiel miracles

Omniel oneness

Stamera forgiveness

Armaita truth

Taharial purification

Nisroc freedom

Pashar vision

Abdiel faith

Mihr friendship

Some of the Archangels/ Angels and the Zodiac Signs

Sun Sign Angel/Archangel Virtue
Aries Machidiel courage
Cerviel courage
Midael warrior
Taurus Asmodel grounded
Ariel nature

Haziel values
Gemini Metatron knowledge
Raziel knowledge of mystery
Ambriel communications
Cancer Chamuel love
Handraniel love
Hael kindness
Leo Sandalphon joy of living
Nathaniel fire of creation
Samandiriel imagination
Virgo Hamaliel stamina
Iaharial purity
Shusienae purity
Libra Raguel justice
Charmiene harmony
Anthriel balance
Scorpio Barbiel objectivity and honesty
Amitiel truth
Azrael transition
Sagittarius Jophiel creative power
Zagzagel wisdom
Adnachiel honesty
Capricorn Haniel harmony
Rampel endurance
Jegudiel responsibility
Aquarius Remiel awakening
Cambiel unconventional thinking
Samandiriel imagination
Pisces Jeremiel compassion, psychic vision
Zadkiel compassion,forgiveness
Uzziel faith

Author Bio :
Carol Powel-Smith is a graduate of the Quantum Quest School of Advanced Energy Healing and is the author of the book "Escape From Planet Earth--the Soul's Journey Home

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