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{written by : Amirah}

Article word count : 1272 -- Article Id : 792
Article active date : 2008-10-10 -- Article views : 3809

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Article is about :
The negative self-talk comes from wrong beliefs and are unconscious. This keeps the cycle of illness and pain continuing.

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You"ve probably watched the movie "The Secret"....

So, The LAW of ATTRACTION is not a new concept.

But, very few people are capable of healing "negative self talk" within their life. Why? The negative self-talk comes from wrong beliefs and are unconscious. This keeps the cycle of illness and pain continuing.

Negative Self-Talk Affects Your Health, Heart and Soul

Using energy techniques to unravel conscious and unconscious beliefs allow your body"s healing abilities to do what they naturally do. This brings you into healing and wholeness.

"From a clairvoyant perspective, negative self-talk punches holes in your soul and drains away your life force – your positive, creative energy. That, in turn, shuts down your heart and causes poor health. It actually affects all parts of your life." Amirah

So, what are the conversations you"re having in your head?

Would you want your soul mate to hear them?

Is your self-talk filled with love, appreciation, respect, humility and integrity?

Or does it contain negative thoughts, criticisms, judgments, anger or disrespect?

Do you ever criticize yourself? About what? How often?

How does that impact your relationships?

People consult with me because their lives aren"t working they way they want. And negative self-talk is a big reason why our lives don"t work. Think about punching holes in your soul and draining away your positive energy.

Most people who criticize themselves also criticize and judge others. And when we do that, forget about having a great relationship - with anyone, including yourself.

One of my clients, was in a job that required accuracy and perfection. Her personality was suited to that. However working in that job allowed an already bad habit - perfectionism - to increase.

If things weren"t perfect, she was critical -- of herself, her friends, family and boyfriend. Before long, she didn"t have a boyfriend anymore.

No person likes to be criticized. I remember a male client telling me that the two things not to do to a man were: not to judge or criticize him and not to make him wrong. Women don"t like it either.

Men really hate it and they will either retaliate or shut down and ultimately leave. In my client"s case, the man left. She was devastated.

My client began to evaluate how hard, even sometimes nasty, she had treated her boyfriend. And she began to understand why he left.

Along with energy work she began quieting her critical voice. She stopped criticizing herself, and that transferred to other people in her life. She began to talk to herself lovingly. She stopped the leaking from the holes in her soul. Her aura became more balanced and healthy. Others responded differently to her and her life began reshaping itself in the direction she truly desired.

Why Are We Critical?

Usually we learn it at home, school or religion. If we heard it at home or through religion we will be inordinately hard on ourselves. If we are hard on ourselves, we are likely to be hard on others.

If a parent insisted that you get straight A"s and a B wasn"t an acceptable option. And you worked to always get A"s, but one quarter you got a B and you were demeaned and criticized. As a result, you will probably be incredibly hard on yourself if you don"t get the top rating, pay increase or the best feedback.

Energetically speaking, this criticism energy or programming remains stuck in our aura and body until YOU begin to release it.

Unless you begin to release this programming from your vibration, you will always be unhappy unless things are perfect.

The Good News

The good news is that if you learn a bad behavior, you can unlearn it and re-learn a good one. As you re-adjust your energetic vibration within the body, you will create different results in your life.

3 Steps To Change Your Self-Talk

Here"s the best way to change. Cut yourself some slack. We all make mistakes. And the truth is your father or mother or grandmother isn"t here telling you how stupid you are for making that mistake.

You"ve taken over their job. And that self-talk can get really vicious. Stop it! Get help or support in identifying these blocks so that they can be released.

STEP 1- Notice what you tell yourself.

Catch yourself when you say, "you idiot, I can"t believe you just dropped that glass, or spilled the wine," or "You idiot how could you have missed that mistake in the copy. Now everyone will know you"re a fraud." "Why did you send that email when you were upset? All you had to do was wait for a few hours. Now you"ll never hear from him again."

When you discover one of these self-sabotaging thoughts or beliefs, imagine dropping them into a balloon and bursting it.

STEP 2- Change what you say to yourself. Practice being kind to yourself.

What would you have liked your parents to say to you when you accidentally broke something? "Are you okay?" "Don"t worry we can always replacethat vase?" "It"s just a material item." "You are more important." "Next time you"ll know to use two hands."

STEP 3 - Welcome to the journey of a life-long process.

You are going to slip and judge yourself and others. When you judge others – apologize. Tell them you"re sorry. Tell them you hated it whenyour father, or whomever it have may been, criticized you and you didn"t mean to do that to them.

Apologize to yourself when you judge or say something mean to or about yourself. Then change the negative self-talk to something kind and loving.

What you say to others and yourself is a choice.

Imagine what Mother Teresa would say to you when you are angry because you failed an exam? She would probably hug you and say something like: You are loved whether you passed an exam or not. When you are in that place of love, quiet your mind, study and retake the test with a new perspective that you are not the result of a test score. The truth is you are a precious human being, with a pure heart and soul.

The people who planted those original ideas that led to negative self-talk were wrong.

Begin to release their energy by putting it inside a bubble and bursting it.

Choose a person that you know who is an evolved soul and imagine what they would say and apply it to yourself. You are changing your self-talk.

Notice. Practice. Allow the process.

And then apply that to others, and your relationships will be more loving and fulfilling, because people want to be accepted for who they are. When they make a mistake, they are usually so hard on themselves, they don"t need anyone adding to their negative self-talk. They can do a great job of that on their own.

If you need to, speak your truth kindly, lovingly and firmly. Not from a critical place.

When you choose not to criticize yourself and others, you will have healthier, happier, more loving relationships.

When you stop the negative self-talk, you"ll stop draining your life force and you"ll be happier, more productive and fulfilled and have more energy. You will attract more of what you do want in your life with less effort.

THE TRUTH IS: You are a precious, magnificent soul.

Breathe it in, say and hear the words: "I am a precious, magnificent soul." Then sit quietly with that truth.

© 2007

Author Bio :
Amirah, Intuitive Life Coach, helps individuals gain insight, clarity and understanding in their own lives making positive life changes.

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