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Lost Goddess Tradition of Feng Shui

{written by : Christan Hummel}

Article word count : 1793 -- Article Id : 805
Article active date : 2008-10-12 -- Article views : 3915

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Article is about :
How Feng Shui started as a Goddess tradition working with geomancy of the earth and its sacred points of power, and shifted over the years to be used for power, control and political and military purposes.

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Reclaiming our Relationship with Nature

It was a cold night, and huddled around the fire the warm glow of the embers created a sense of safety and comfort to offset the clammy dampness of the cave. Certain placements of the fire ring provided better vantage points allowing ancient man to better see his adversaries and less advantageous placements could lead to his demise. From the first placement of the fire ring, feng shui was born. Since then, the development of this art of placement, feng shui, has become a multi-billion dollar industry catering to celebrities such as Donald Trump, Oprah and CEOs of major world corporations. However, in its seminal form, feng shui was not concerned with wind chimes, mirrors or red painted doors; it’s primary purpose was aligning our dwellings with the forces of nature—for survival!

The advent of farming changed this relationship. Instead of basic survival in the forest, jungle or plains, farming allowed humans could to store food and establish dwellings. So placement which aligned early farming societies with Nature, enhanced the growth of crops, and or not meant possible famine. This move from nomadic hunters and gathers to farmers, created a change in which societies now lived in fixed creations, hence the birth of the “sacred” place. Temples, rock mounds, stone monuments, all designed to again align the celestial and terrestrial energy currents to benefit the community, crops, and well being of the tribe and community. Consequently, the location and placement of these temple dwellings was considered of paramount importance to the community’s health and prosperity. So feng shui became an art employed by the medicine men, shamans and intuitives of the tribe who stood at the doorway between the worlds to access Nature’s wisdom about how best to align with Her to assure a good harvest, safety and prosperity for the community.

As farming became a commercial enterprise, once crops exceeded the needs of the individual tribe or community, tribes traded with one another for goods not produced within the boundaries of their own regions. Thus was born the town and the trading of goods and services. Commerce was now an important part of life, and so placement of the Town Square was important as well. So feng shui found its way into the development of early towns and communities and into commerce. The central region gathering place of the community, was usually honored by a pole or standing stone or some sort of statue to commemorate its significance.

With the advent of the community, boundaries were born, which gave rise to the gateways which guarded those boundaries. As the community’s boundaries became important, so did the gateways that protected them. They were decorated and honored for their significance of allowing energies/people in and keeping the same out. Guardian statues adorned the gateways, to ward off evildoers, and welcomed the good “ch’i” to come in. Again, feng shui was serving the community by helping it to prosper, thrive and grow. Consider the importance of the Zion gate in Jerusalem, or the Arch de Triumph in Paris, or the Golden Gate Bridge -- all gateways.

As ancient stone temples gave way to churches and structures of organized religion, the use of feng shui shifted toward being used to support power and control. With the emergence of Christianity, the old Celtic and pagan based temples became the new sites for the monasteries and cathedrals. This marked a significant shift away from the nature-oriented traditions of feng shui that sought to use the placement of these temples to open up channels of energy in the land to higher vibrational realms, to anchor there a thread of Heaven into the earth.

As early as the Romans, we see evidence of using these energy lines, or ley lines as they are called, for military purposes. The Roman soldiers used to march along the lines and the roads were built along these ancient pilgrimage paths. In fact, it was a military strategy of the Roman Empire to conquer first the sacred temples and energy points of a civilization thereby making it easier to rule the subjected people.

So the focus and use of feng shui for the community shifted from the art of placement of temple sites, increasingly towards a more Patriarchal use of this ancient wisdom into the hands of those who would use it to maintain their power base and control. Both Benedictine and Jesuit monasteries are placed strategically on the “dragon” line currents that previously housed the temples or center meeting places for the community. Pictures in the cathedrals of Europe show St. George (the dragon slayer) putting his spear into the heart of the dragon to subdue it. So the Gothic cathedrals placed on the ancient druid power points, were being used to subdue these dragon lines or earth currents, rather than honor them. As “pagan” (originally a term which meant “country dweller’) became associated in the early Christian days with the devil, the nature based religions were also subdued and even exterminated, with nature worship being punishable by death by the time of Pope Gregory in the 600’s A.D. So a new use for feng shui began to emerge in which placement was not only for survival, or for aligning the earth with the heavens, but now for power and control.

In the middle ages, the Knights Templar studied this form of geomancy and purposefully laid out a complex design of cathedrals all throughout Europe to harness the power of these energy lines. The students of the Templars, the Masons, kept this knowledge of the power of the earth’s energy grids alive and to this day it lives on right in our own nation’s capitol, which was founded by our forefathers, who were themselves Masons.

Figure 1: The distance between the Jefferson monument and the Capitol is the same as that between the Capitol and the White House. The line that runs east and west connects the Lincoln monument with the Washington monument (obelisk) with the Capitol. It exactly bisects the triangle created of the Jefferson monument and the White House with the Capitol. This horizontal line also connects the corners of the boundaries of Washington D.C. city limits.

Figure 2: The boundary of D.C. is a perfect square turned on its side to form a diamond. The imaginary vertical line which connects the north and south points of this diamond of the city, runs right through a hill mound sacred to the Native Americans, called Meridian Hill. The “meridian” which runs north and south through that hill also runs through two Masonic lodges, the White House and the Jefferson monument, and ends and at the southern-most tip of the diamond where the Potomac River meets the bay, and where there is a lighthouse situated at that point.

Even the Missions of California are placed on the location of such energy points. In the 1600’s when the Jesuits traveled to China to study feng shui there, they studied the knowledge of these energy lines and their power. Convincing the Emperor that such knowledge shouldn’t be left in the hands of the public, he agreed to edit out of the public feng shui texts the information pertaining to such power spots. Holding onto that knowledge however, were the Jesuits themselves. When the race was on to explore the “New World,” the Jesuits were sent out from Spain first to scout out the sites for the missions. Most of which were on the sites sacred to the Native Americans at that time. Then the missionaries were later sent to build the missions on those selected sites, and originally established them as fortresses!

Today, this aspect of feng shui’s use for personal power and control is ubiquitous. At the crossing of these ancient and powerful “dragon” lines of the community, no longer do we see temples, and places honoring their sacred significance, but instead the headquarters of banks, oil companies, and major financial, military and government buildings. These sacred energy points, previously worshipped and honored, have become harnessed for personal gain and control by those who know, and those who have the ability to implement that knowledge. The ancient Roman adage, “he who controls the power points of the society, controls the society” seems to be playing out today. Even in our world politics today, wars are fought over such turf with military bases strategically placed on the crossings of these earth grid points. Could it be the reason why the U.S. government is so interested in occupying a country (Iraq) where to date no evidence of weapons of mass destruction, and so far no proven Al Queda links have surfaced? What it does harbor though, is an ancient energy point, powerful at a planetary level as a world navel, at the meeting of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers near Baghdad. Perhaps that’s just a coincidence, or perhaps this knowledge of feng shui is still influencing military and political strategies today.

This subjugation of the Feminine wisdom of the sacred use of Earth was something prophesized by native cultures around the world. They foresaw a time when the Feminine deity would go underground or into hiding, and a destruction or “fire” would sweep the Earth. Then, in the end times, She would rise again and restore balance and harmony to the planet. In the Judaic tradition, it is said that the Shekhinah (the Feminine aspect of the Kabbalah) was said to have left the temple, and that at a future date She would return and bring about peace and prosperity once again to the region. Does this recent transit of the planet Venus herald this time of the return of this Feminine Principle on the Planet? Its influence is said by astrologers to signal the return of the Goddess energy onto the planet, and is said to last until 2012, the same date in the Mayan calendar when humanity is prophesized to transcend Time as we know it.

A first step in this process is to reclaim the Feminine energies within us -- our compassion, our humility, our receptivity, and our love -- to become human BEINGS again, instead of human-doings! As we do this, we reclaim our most important temple space—our own inner dwelling. When we begin to live from that point of remembering our connection to God and Source, wherever we live becomes sanctified and sacred space.

May Earth Remember Her Sacredness as We Remember Our Own.


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Author Bio :
Christan Hummel is the author of the “Do It Yourself Space Clearing Kit” and an international lecturer, and workshop leader. She has taught thousands around the world how to create sacred space in their homes and cities by working with the Goddess traditions of feng shui. For information about her upcoming workshops see her website at:

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