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Listen to your own intuition

{written by : Amirah}

Article word count : 513 -- Article Id : 851
Article active date : 2008-10-16 -- Article views : 1809

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Article is about :
You are your own best teacher. We all seek guidance from time to time but don't ever disregard your own feelings and intuition in lieu of someone else's advice or truth.

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You are your own best teacher. We all seek guidance from time to time but don"t ever disregard your own feelings and intuition in lieu of someone else"s advice or truth. Have you ever had a hunch about something and didn’t listen to it? Then, you kick yourself because you didn’t listen.

Marilyn, a homemaker from Northern California needed to hear this message when she reached out during a consultation. The 51-year-old had a hard time admitting this, but she was feeling and seeing her dead son, and thought she was going crazy. Six months earlier, her twenty-eight year old had been in a car accident and died of massive internal injuries.

She was still in a lot of pain and was filled with fear. My sense however, was that her dread had something to do with someone else who had influenced her and not her son’s death. She admitted that a so-called "psychic" she recently consulted told her that she was the only one who could help her get through this grieving period. After instilling her with lots of fear and taking lots of her money, the gypsy psychic disappeared.

The truth is that the only teacher she needed was herself. The fact alone that she decided to reach out and seek help or guidance is proof that she can make decisions on her own.

Marilyn felt like she was losing her mind because she could sense things. She doesn’t have anyone she can talk to anyone about it. She could sometimes feel her son"s presence. Often she would even see a purple apparition. Marilyn also explained that she now felt another energy other than her son when visiting her daughter-in-law.

As it appeared, Marilyn’s own spirituality and abilities were activated through her son’s death. When guided Marilyn tapped into herself and realized that things were going to be alright. She didn"t need a dishonest woman to cure her.

Marilyn needed help to learn about spiritual boundaries. It appeared that other energies were trying to invade her space. As she psychic abilities were opening at an accelerated speed, she needed to ground herself and gain confidence. She learned she could communicate with the entity the next time it appeared. Marilyn immediately felt much stronger and more confident as she practiced using a grounding cord and infusing herself in golden light. She learned how to protect herself -- there is nothing to fear. As time passed, and she continued to learn and practice meditation and psychic tools; she realized she was clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient.

In time, her son visited a few more times. She felt immense love from his spirit and knew that he simply wanted to say hello from the spirit world and good-bye for awhile.

People can certainly guide us, we are all connected to each other and The Source of All. When Marilyn reconnected with her sprit, she was able to intuitively know who she could trust. All the answers are within; sometimes you simply need help finding them.

Author Bio :
Amirah, Intuitive Life Coach, helps individuals gain insight, clarity and understanding in their own lives making positive life changes. Transform your hidden blocks, fears and beliefs that limit potential.

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