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Psychic development expands spiritual growth

{written by : Amirah}

Article word count : 539 -- Article Id : 882
Article active date : 2008-10-20 -- Article views : 8394

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Article is about :
As you expand you own awareness of the universe through the experiences you get from these practices, you become more balanced and discerning.

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As you expand you own awareness of the universe through the experiences you get from these practices, you become more balanced and discerning.

You will see the world and people from a different perspective. You"ll see things as a whole rather than from their individual parts. And you will have a greater empathy because you"ll understand what is going on in many people, even if they don"t see it themselves.

Every day of our lives we engage in the paranormal practice of communicating with a higher realm of consciousness and we are not even aware of it. Following is a list of things that everyone has experienced at least once. Look them over and remember similar such psychic events that happened to you. Once you have become aware of them, practice them and more will occur. Through a higher awareness you can make the paranormal become the normal for you.

Pay attention to what is going on around you in everyday occurrences and events. When you experience one of events listed below, write it in a book or a diary that you keep just for that purpose. Recording these events, no matter how trivial they may seem, will help you with your development. Try to discover other types not mentioned in this list. Pay particular attention to your own personal growth as you progress, looking for changes in the way you look at things, how you feel as compared to before. Be sure to track your personal growth as well as the psychic events. This will give you added confidence in your self and your growing talent.

Here are a few types of events you should be looking for.

1) Coincidences - Pay attention to coincidences that amaze you, including those that don"t. All coincidences have a meaning, especially if they seem to further your psychic or spiritual path. Record all of them.

2) Hunches - See what happens with your hunches. Take the effort to see if they play out as they came to you. Have fun with them by testing them.

3) Urges - Follow up on urges. If you followed the urge, what happened?

4) The little inner voice - Listen to it. Deep within it gives you an awareness and knowledge about yourself or someone else. About the present, past or future. We don"t always hear it, because our conscious minds are preoccupied with ourselves. The subtlety of this voice sometimes makes us think that our mind is talking to itself. Record these occasions, because this practice will greatly enhance your ability to hear more of this voice.

5) Predictions- If you are going to see someone that you"ve never met, try to picture in your mind what this person looks like. When you speak to someone on the telephone, do the same thing. If you are going to a meeting or gathering, guess how many people will be there, what the interior or exterior looks like. See if you can imagine what just one person will look like and what they will be wearing. Practice advance awareness, by always trying to predict things in advance of seeing or experiencing them. This is a good method for getting immediate feedback.

Amirah © 2008 All Rights Reserved.

Author Bio :
Amirah, a SoulMystic provides individuals insight, clarity and understanding in their own lives making positive life changes. She helps uncover and transform hidden fears and beliefs that limit potential.

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