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Parapsychology Have you ever wondering if a psychic is really a psychic? How about a fortune teller? Do you think they can really foresee the future? If you are unsure about one’s psychic abilities then you are not alone. Many people do not know whether they fully believe ...
{written by : Esoteric Library Research Team}

Identification and Self-Absorption In the early months of the infant’s life it has no ego and only experiences its subconscious mind reacting to sensations. As the mind becomes consciously tied to the physical body so the ego begins to form. The body puts psychological boundaries on the mind.
{written by : Ian Heath}

Justification and Existentialism The new age that Aquarius is proclaimed to be is new in a way that most people do not realise. The previous age of Pisces lacked any deep understanding of the psychological side of human nature. This showed itself in the lack of interest in the issue of identity.
{written by : Ian Heath}

Memetic Warfare, Part Ten - Danger, Will Robinson, Danger! Mind Trap Ahead! Many people protest that the mass media is brainwashing people; we would have to agree. Artists and writers are skillful at manipulating their audiences with cathartic experiences that set them up to be very susceptible to carefully made suggestions. Modern occult teachings can now help you challenge your own brainwashing.
{written by : Greg Gourdian}

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An Examination and Exploration of -The Damaged Personality Disorder - The Self-Defined - Victim The self-defined “Victim” uses stealth personal power strategies to cope with anger, to“control” situations and other people in order to punish and to maintain a sense of superiority. Making use of "stealth" behavior provides the self-defined "Victim" a safety net while acting out this negative behavior pattern.
{written by : Esoteric Library Research Team}

Utopian Idealism The need in the present is for an active form of spirituality, and not a passive one. Active forms allow for a wider range of choice in the manner of expressing one's own concept of spirituality, whereas passive forms tend to get taken over by restrictive organisations.
{written by : Ian Heath}

MPD vs. DID, Proposing an Associative Theory for Multiple Personalities Many people experience a sense of being more than one person. This condition was once known as MPD or Multiple Personality Disorder. The American diagnostic manual for mental disorders (DSM IV) changed this label to DID or Dissociative Identity Disorder. This change may be seriously flawed.
{written by : Greg Gourdian}

Verbal Fencing #1 - Deconstructing Self Damaging Dialogues Many people appear to inflict serious damage upon themselves with their inner dialogues. When we learn to break down our inner dialogues and to deconstruct our inner actors and their well-rehearsed scripts we learn how to abate and to heal the damage we have done to our own lives with them.
{written by : Greg Gourdian}

The Nature of Emotion - Part 3 Now I turn to unconscious ideas. Deriving them was not easy. Some emotions occur three times ; for example, self-pity occurs on its own, as a mode of jealousy, and as a mode of guilt, and each one produces a different response.
{written by : Ian Heath}

Abreaction A person's state of emotion is always changing. Whichever emotion is currently present in consciousness, eventually it fades away, only to be immediately replaced by another one. Hence a person experiences an endless flow of emotions.
{written by : Ian Heath}

Resentment and Bitterness In the subconscious mind, immorality is often associated with pleasure. Because such pleasure is socially forbidden, it becomes tied to anxiety. In turn, this anxiety helps to generate compulsion.
{written by : Ian Heath}

Faith Faith is an emotive belief. Belief does not always lead to faith, but a belief has to be supported by faith in order to be meaningful. Faith acts through belief. When a belief crumbles, the emotion that underpins faith has no means of expressing itself, and..
{written by : Ian Heath}

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