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The Tzolkin sun glyphs and the human body It is said that our bodies shelter all faces of the Divine. This signifies that all types of creative energies may manifest through our bodies.
{written by : Joos Bouwmeester}

Kundalini: Touch Divine Fire This article is about Kundalini energy; what it is and what it does, how to clear and cleanse the channels, techniques to run it effectively, comfortably and safely, how to turn it off when you choose to, how it relates to sexual energy, hot flashes and earth changes.
{written by : Erika Ginnis}

A Beginners Guide To Energy Terminology: Energy Fields and Energy Symbols Many terms are used today that relate to energy work including terms such as cosmic energy, energy signature, auras, chakras, energy blocks, meridian system, prana/ chi/ orgone, consciousness, the brain, the mind, psychics, the Universal energy field, different levels of consciousness, mind/body health, tree energy, gem and ..
{written by : Mary Kurus}

What Is Vibrational Healing Vibrational healing is the way of the future. I truly believe that technological advances will soon provide the means which will allow scientific testing to validate the effects of these natural essences.
{written by : Mary Kurus}

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The Nine Energy Bodies of Man A look at the Nine Energy Bodies as symbolized by the parts on the body of the scarab. Ancient Egyptian "lost" wisdom akashically translated.
{written by : Maia Christianne Mallika}

Energy in the Void We are going through many adjustments and reconfigurations at this time, as we assimilate the new energy. The highly sensitive ones are feeling this in a very intense way. We have been residing in the void for quite some time now. How do you know if you are...
{written by : Stefanie Miller}

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