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Identifying Special Properties in Quarts Crystals In addition to the general characteristics, quartz crystals sometimes have other special attributes that enhance their power. To identify these special types of crystals, pay particular attention to the largest of the faces that slope toward the point. Does it have pyramids (triangles) on it? Count the number of edges.
{written by : John and Micki Baumann}

The Most Important Ancient Artifacts in the World, Crystal Skulls - Part 2 Why do you think that archeologists and scientists generally have ignored the crystal skulls so far in conducting further studies?
{written by : Joshua Shapiro}

More light on crystal healing We have found that the whole subject has its foundation in the evolution of subtle energies, and that all forms of energetic healing exist from the same base. The actual way in which a crystal or mineral can help improve the health of the human body is quite ...
{written by : Esoteric Library Research Team}

Crystal Power What is it about Crystals that draw us to them? Why do they work? How do they affect our lives. And what do we need to learn as students and practitioners of Crystal Healing
{written by : Mita Bhan}

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Crystals and Gems An indepth look at the structure of crystals and their esoteric relationship to mankind.
{written by : Carol Powel-Smith}

The Most Important Ancient Artifacts in the World, Crystal Skulls - Part 9 In your opinion are the crystal skulls: 1. computers 2. tools for healing 3. they help people to awaken to their true nature 4. other ...??
{written by : Joshua Shapiro }

Aquamarine Aquamarine, the bluish green form of beryl, is an affordable, good quality stone that makes attractive jewelry. It is the traditional birthstone for March. In terms of folklore, aquamarine is associated with mermaids, sailors and the sea.
{written by : Olivia Hoff}

Black Onyx Black onyx became one of the earliest examples of color enhanced stones over 2000 years ago, when the Romans developed a method for dying chalcedony. This striking black decorative gem has enjoyed a long history of use in various styles of jewelry.
{written by : Olivia Hoff}

The Most Important Ancient Artifacts in the World, Crystal Skulls - Part 3 Ok, but would it be possible if you could just briefly discuss then, for our readers, some small examples of the type of person's accounts you receive from people all over the world who are having contact with one or more crystal skull?.
{written by : Joshua Shapiro}

The Most Important Ancient Artifacts in the World, Crystal Skulls - Part 6 You have worked with trained sensitives in connection with the crystal skulls. Can you describe what type of tests were performed and what were the conclusions that you reached based upon this particular study about the skulls?
{written by : Joshua Shapiro}

The Subtle Energy of Crystals and Stones Each type of stone gives off its own unique form of subtle energy. The particular energy given off by a stone is determined by its internal crystalline structure, and by the atomic vibrations that are specific to that structure.
{written by : John and Micki Baumann}

Mustika Bezoar Pearls--Notes What are mustika pearls and bezoar stones? Their mystical value and usage. Pearls from creatures other than oysters . . . Notes on mustika pearls. The difference between mustika pearls and consecrated talismans.
{written by : Leonard Lee}

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