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The Most Important Ancient Artifacts in the World, Crystal Skulls - Part 8 Can you please describe for us a few of the key crystal skulls that you have in your crystal circle. What are their properties and your connection with them ... and is this connection perhaps more of a mental one?
{written by : Joshua Shapiro}

The Most Important Ancient Artifacts in the World, Crystal Skulls - Part 2 Why do you think that archeologists and scientists generally have ignored the crystal skulls so far in conducting further studies?
{written by : Joshua Shapiro}

How Magickal Pearls Are Acquired Part 1 How mustikas are acquire by Indonesian shamans. Magickal pearls often manifest during rituals as a gift from Spirit or guidance given as to where animal pearls may be found.
{written by : Leonard Lee}

How Magickal Pearls Are Acquired Part 2 Cobra pearls are said to have an effulgence--radiate light. Shamans struggle against supernatural forces in order to acquire mustika pearls. How pearls are acquired by layman and shaman.
{written by : Leonard Lee}

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The Most Important Ancient Artifacts in the World, Crystal Skulls - Part 10 What kind of holographic images appear inside the crystal skulls and what do you think these images mean or represent? Could they be projections from the minds of other people or perhaps from the minds of the carvers who created the skulls?
{written by : Joshua Shapiro}

Crystal healing – how does it work? Consider that our feelings, thoughts and our physical body are on different levels of reality, we can sometimes sense one another’s’ thoughts without any physical perception of them (such as speech, or observing gestures etc). We can feel emotions so strongly, and yet they can not be defined ...
{written by : Esoteric Library Research Team}

Crystal Power What is it about Crystals that draw us to them? Why do they work? How do they affect our lives. And what do we need to learn as students and practitioners of Crystal Healing
{written by : Mita Bhan}

The Most Important Ancient Artifacts in the World, Crystal Skulls - Part 11 So what is the importance of the crystal skulls? Why should other people become familiar with them or learn more about the skulls? What is coming up in the future that has a link with the crystal skulls?
{written by : Joshua Shapiro}

The Amethyst Amethyst, an eye-catching and popular gemstone, has a longlasting appeal and a most interesting history.
{written by : Olivia Hoff}

Rose Quartz, Alternate Birthstone for January The pale pink to rose red hues of rose quartz make it a popular stone for decorative objects. It has a long history as the stone of love. It symbolizes peace, harmony, and friendship.
{written by : Olivia Hoff}

Bloodstone The form of chalcedony known as bloodstone is one of the birthstones for the month of March. This attractive green gemstone has practical applications (carving, jewelry, talismans) and many metaphysical attributes.
{written by : Olivia Hoff}

Wonderful, Magickal, Mustika-Pearls Part 2 Description of some mustika-pearls. Choose an animal/plant pearl for self-empowerment. Magickal mustika pearls and bezoar stones often employed in alternative healing and in occult, shamanic rituals.
{written by : Leonard Lee}

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