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The Crystal City - Physical self activates Lightbody from the Third Dimensional Perspective Breathe into that resentment to transmute it into compassion and thanksgiving for the lesson learned…
{written by : Suzan Caroll}

Earth Changes? You have probably heard of the expectation or possibility of great earth changes in the next years. Many are the prophecies from the elders of Hopi and other native tribes, who are deeply in touch with nature. One of these early prophecies states: "When the stiff birds...
{written by : Joanna Cherry}

We were born for these times I have heard from so many friends and loved ones, who are deeply bewildered, that these is no hope for peace. They are concerned about the state of affairs in our world right now. They are right in their assessments.
{written by : Nadine May}

Ascension - the Time is Now Ascension! What is it? It's becoming a watchword these days. Most basically, it is a quickening, a speeding up of vibrational frequency that includes our body, mind and heart.
{written by : Joanna Cherry}

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Is our ‘Physical reality’ Primarily a Mental, or a Spiritual Phenomenon? I've been contemplating that it is both. I'm alive in the mind of my 'creator', but who that is exactly I have not yet come to terms with. I know it is not the GOD - or source OF ALL THAT IS - which is PURE LOVE!
{written by : Nadine May}

Does Duality verses Unity? Why have we so ruthlessly superimposed borders on things? Annelies explains that the amount of DNA strands that are activated dictate the structure of universal dimensions and how our holographic reality is created. The more awakened a person is, the more soul energy can embody in that incarnation ...
{written by : Nadine May}

Ascension Update - January 2008 Beginning with last year, we completed a 10 year cycle which saw the awakening of three waves of starseeds, walk-ins, and lightworkers known as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Waves.
{written by : Jelaila Starr}

The Day the Rains Came The dead landscape haunted me. I determined to see if I could do something about it. I invited my new friend Ingrid to join me in a prayer for rain. She eagerly consented. We met in our cabin to do this. I spoke aloud, with all the passion....
{written by : Joanna Cherry}

Nibiruan Council Perspective on 2010 Snow falls heavily covering the 10 or so inches already on the ground. Makes me wonder if it’s one of the signs of the times: our ability to more quickly manifest our thoughts and desires? Did our desire for a white Christmas or to prolong the winter school break...
{written by : Jelaila Starr}

Could it be that we are in reality, all just forgotten Gods? We are all one being and one consciousness and everything in the universe and all universes is part of and exists within ONE consciousness identity. It has feelings, desires, intentions, and free will. And most importantly, it has the ability to manifest thought.
{written by : Nadine May}

Parallel Realities Part I - The Law of Separation The law of separation was instated upon the conception of the third dimension to separate consciousness into small, single units. This reality was created because...
{written by : Suzan Caroll}

Are you, the reader, awake enough in order to partake in the great dimensional shift? The mighty wheels of time are turning. Soon events that have been planned long ago, to move Humanity onwards towards their conclusion in this third dimension will come to pass. Are you, the reader, awake enough in order to partake in this great dimensional shift?
{written by : Nadine May}

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