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Self Healing guided meditation To offer a guided meditation with visualization including the use of a western Reiki symbol that offers continued short and long term benefit for improvement of general health as well as for assisting in resolution of specific ailments. Especially making focus on the latter easier.
{written by : Pieter Heydenrych}

The Body Electric: Principles of Vibrational Medicine Throughout western culture, old cultural and scientific models are being superseded by deeper, richer, subtler paradigms grounded in holism. Holism, as a worldview, posits that living beings are more than the mere sum of their parts; and that consciousness and spirit are inextricably woven into the total being.
{written by : Ramón Stevens}

Love Heals How does love heal? How do I know what it is? Can I do it? How can I use it?
{written by : Martin Brofman}

Make Peace with Your Past and Heal Instantly Challenging issues that we are currently dealing with often have solid roots in our early life, or in a past life of which we may have no conscious awareness. Communicating with our Higher Self can illuminate these and provide a powerful pathway for spontaneous healing, inner peace and feelings of liberation.
{written by : Lily M, Ph.D.}

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The Divine Vedic Science of Healing with Light - Part 1 In the Vedic scriptures all creation is said to begin from divine light emanating from the Supreme Being.
{written by : Howard Beckman }

How to Release Energies The dreams hopes and expectations that did now work in your life are still with you. The energies cling to you until you release the pain sorrow and hurt.
{written by : Nita Hickok}

Healing Spinal Cord for a Person in a Wheelchair Using your subtle energies to start the repairing process
{written by : George E. Lockett}

Healing the Home Our home is meant to be a Haven; a safe place from the world. However the physical world is only a reflection of the spiritual. This article offers suggestions that can heal the home and the heart that resides in it.
{written by : Malana Ashlie}

Release Practices - Part 2 Enlightenment dawns with the release of what is not the real self. Releasing our mental-emotional causes of fear/terror, anger/resentment/rage, abusing/accepting abuse, guilt, grief, jealousy, judgment, emotional addiction, substance addiction, resignation, lifelessness, boredom, limited thinking-all the machinations of ego--is thus our real work.
{written by : Joanna Cherry}

Neutral Energy You may be in a period of neutral energy if you are spending a lot of time alone. Crave time in nature and with animals. You are beginning to release codependent behaviors of giving without receiving and your changing the way you interact with others.
{written by : Stefanie Miller}

Your Body is a Mirror of Your Life Symptoms in the physical body reflect tensions in the consciousness. We can read the body as a map of the consciousness within in order to understand the inner cause to physical symptoms.
{written by : Martin Brofman}

Healing and Transformation A personal account of healing terminal cancer, and the transformation process that accompanied it.
{written by : Martin Brofman}

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