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Self Healing guided meditation To offer a guided meditation with visualization including the use of a western Reiki symbol that offers continued short and long term benefit for improvement of general health as well as for assisting in resolution of specific ailments. Especially making focus on the latter easier.
{written by : Pieter Heydenrych}

Water, Water, Everywhere As I sit down to write this article, the gardener is watering the lawn. That's appropriate. Yesterday my chiropractor asked me, "Are you drinking enough water?" My quick response to her was "probably not" but the more accurate response would have been, "No, thank you for the reminder."
{written by : Jeanie Marshall}

Spiritual Healing Our spiritual health to me is measured by the level of peace we experience, and is reflected in our physical health and energy levels. When we are truly in alignment, our energy levels are high, we experience a high level of physical health, and on a spiritual level there is
{written by : Carol Goddard}

Checklists for Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Health. How do we know if we are healthy, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The following are checklists to use for a quick review of your personal health. These symptoms are the signals or signposts that something is wrong.
{written by : Mary Kurus}

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Breathing into Being- Meditations With Lumari A meditation and chant for global healing and humanity's healing and clarity.
{written by : Lumari}

Healing Patterns Learn to be aware of the process of healing.
{written by : Lumari}

Energy and Healing How does energy actually heal us?? This article will explain how it works in full detail in easy to understand words.
{written by : Carol Powel-Smith}

Breath of Miracles - Meditations With Lumari SHIFTING INTO JOY AND HEALING: Meditation and Chant from Alawashka and Lumari.
{written by : Lumari}

Aligning in Harmony - Meditations With Lumari Learn a special meditation to align your life and our world with greater Harmony.
{written by : Lumari}

The healer healing experience, correct flow of energy
{written by : Dr. Milan Nostrad}

Word Healing - Part 1 How your words can make or break a person. Words can be Medicine and words can be Poison
{written by : Sonya Green}

How to Release Energies The dreams hopes and expectations that did now work in your life are still with you. The energies cling to you until you release the pain sorrow and hurt.
{written by : Nita Hickok}

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