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30 Ways to Resolve Upsets Do you ever get upset? Welcome to the human race! It is very helpful to have some course of action so that you can overcome that negative feeling and feel good again. Unresolved upsets hurt you and the others involved.
{written by : Helene Rothschild}

The Secret to Reaching Your Ideal Weight The secret to reaching your ideal body weight is all in your mind! Enlist the power of your subconscious and destroy those negative belief systems that are stopping you from being the best you can be.
{written by : Sonia Devine }

Outrage Humanity is choking on its outrage. The most insidious, vitriolic emotion of all, righteous indignation, fuels the outrage spewing forth from religious and political leaders of all stripes. Each believes he or she is entitled — even commanded — to disgorge quantities of venomous invectives in the name of ..
{written by : Jean-Claude Gerard Koven}

Thoughts on Forgiveness What Forgiveness is not: It is not saying that what happened is O.K. It is not necessarily forgetting. It is not burying what you feel. When we say, " I can't forgive," we actually mean, "I won't forgive." Forgiveness is: ..
{written by : Arlene Arnold}

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Personal Awakening Personal Awakening is an unfolding process for deep personal growth. Understanding this process will help you move more graciously into your greater Self.
{written by : Lumari}

Tolerance And The Human Spirit What does the term 'tolerance' mean to you? To many people it seems that it is synonymous with phrases such as 'to put up with', often harking back to classroom scenarios of the teacher informing noisome students that he will not tolerate such behaviour. Certainly it would often seem to...
{written by : John Culbertson}

Baby Steps It is so easy to get distracted by images of what we anticipate total spiritual enlightenment would mean for us. That master monk sitting somewhere in meditation and levitation, all understanding and knowing. (Well, that has at least been my image for a time) You know, that perfect...
{written by : Pieter Heydenrych}

Magick – Creating a New World There are a great many magickal traditions practiced today and they all share several common elements. The primary element of a magickal tradition is the importance of spiritual growth and development. From that point all else follows and nothing can be achieved without it.
{written by : Greg Gourdian}

When is Failure not Failure? A common definition of failure: The condition or fact of not achieving ones desired end or ends. There is so much judgment instilled in our programming regarding this simple human concept that we often do not dare to take the risk to live our lives boldly, audaciously and differently.
{written by : Dr. Sheri Rosenthal}

A Path of Heart Walking the path of heart means that you take responsibly for what you are doing and saying and you can no longer indulge in self-pity or feeling like a victim - like someone is doing something to you.
{written by : Dr. Sheri Rosenthal}

Entitle-itis: A Most Dreaded Disease! For those of you who are not familiar with this common condition - entitle-itis is when we feel that someone owes us something, and we take action in our life based on this belief. Most folks believe they don't suffer from this condition; however anyone with an ego..
{written by : Dr. Sheri Rosenthal}

Beyond the Limits of Perception One of the biggest challenges to our freedom is our need to cling to our perceptions and believe that they’re truth.
{written by : Dr. Sheri Rosenthal}

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by Pieter Heydenrych
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