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Some of the tools of the Pellars Craft The Staff (Gwelen):- A forked ritual pole or Staff used by Pellar to invoke, call up the powers, send powers, mark out the compass and as an altar. Often made of ash but can also be of other woods and having a Horn or antler fork at the top.
{written by : Jack Daw}

Creating an Altar And Worshipping at Your Altar This article deals with spirituality that includes a direct and personal relationship or connection between a human and that Power which created and influences how the Universe evolves.
{written by : Mary Kurus}

Candle Magick The word "candle" comes from the Latin "candere" meaning "to shine." Candies convey messages of romance, warmth, spirituality, secret wishes and brightness.
{written by : Zhanna Fomochkina}

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