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First Imagine Thoughts on the organ of imagination and how imagination governs our ability to travel in the Shining Realms.
{written by : Tira Brandon-Evans}

Tribal Trance Dance I was surrounded by darkness, a darkness produced by wearing a bandanna blindfold. It created a sensation similar to having my fingers in my ears, but this time it was a visual “silence” with my eyes closed, instead of a silence produced by plugging my ears. The music was...
{written by : Ernesto Ortiz}

Magickal Oils of Indonesian Shamanism Part 1 Magickal, occult oils to be found in Indonesia. Oils with unusual properties, mostly from the Dayaks of Kalimantan. Folklore and legends.
{written by : Leonard Lee}

Magickal Oils of Indonesian Shamanism Part 2 Occult oils of Indonesia, applied for wealth, charm and psychic power! Magickal oils are used in conjunction with spells/mantras for success.
{written by : Leonard Lee}

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My 55th Year Practicing Traditional Shamanism As Shaman Elder Maggie Celebrates 55 years as a practicing Traditional Shaman following her own family lineage and practices, she shares what she has learned about healing with all of us.
{written by : Shaman Elder Maggie }

The Dreamer and the Dream Some thoughts and observations on the various levels of shamanic trance.
{written by : Tira Brandon-Evans}

The Unknown, Rememered Gate Thoughts on the labyrinthine aspects of initiation.
{written by : Tira Brandon-Evans}

Munay Ki Rites The Rites of the Munay Ki are energetic transmissions from the ancient teachings of the Incas. They are seeds of potential to allow you to become the person you are meant to be and to consciously begin to create your luminous energy field. To empower you to change your consciousness.
{written by : Susan Ann Palmer}

The Shaman Way: Gratitude ~ Embracing Every Blessing Gratitude manifests more things to be grateful for. If you make a list each day of those things you feel grateful for you will find that your list will grow over time. Some people feel they have nothing to be thankful for.But do they have air to breathe?
{written by : Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls}

Plant Spirit Shamanism, Ayahuasca, and Shamanic Healing in the Amazon Plant Medicines and Shamanic Healing in the Amazon
{written by : Ross Heaven}

Contemporary Shamanism A brief comparison of traditional and modern Shamanism.
{written by : Gwendolyn Toynton}

Fifty Years As A Shaman What does it mean to live a life as a Shaman? What makes this path unique of all healing paths? Do you have the courage to step into the hurricane and find the eye of the storm?
{written by : Shaman Elder Maggie Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved}

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