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The Fabric of Being How important is Your Breathing as Respiration and Circulation? To answer this question ask: How long will you continue living if you stop breathing air as respiration?
{written by : James Traverse}

Divine Union - The Thousand Petal Lotus in the Brain The term ‘Yoga’ in Sanskrit means ‘ to yoke’ or ‘to join.’ Yoga therefore seeks to join the higher and lower consciousnesses together.
{written by : Jennis Strickland}

The Fourfold Yoga - Part VI About Yoga, union with Cosmic Creative Intelligence
{written by : G Kumar }

Thigh Muscle Continues to Atrophy If you do not use your physical body it becomes weak and experiences atrophy as the muscles wither away.
{written by : George E. Lockett}

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Vinyasa Yoga For Health & Healing: An Interactive Inner Morality Practice Yoga for your health and notice all the small changes as the body is purified and conditioned. This is the habit of graceful human beings called Yogis, who create the freedom of energy to pursue their heart’s desire. As the body and mind integrate and coordinate an interactive...
{written by : Lea Kraemer}

Yoga for Mental Health/Migraines I started to suffer with Migraines from the age of about 12. I get the classic kind with Aura, my speech would go, tingling down my arms, severe nausea, disorientated, confused, and very frightened. My Teacher would sit me ...
{written by : Tammy Lorraine Majchrzak}

Yoga, The Eight Limbs of The Science of Spiritual Self-Realization For many people yoga simply means a relaxing and energizing form of exercise. Its gentle stretching and bending make the spine and muscles supple and relaxed, bringing blood to all tissues and organs of the body, and at the same time energizing them. The breathing exercises bring ....
{written by : Howard Beckman}

Yoga Jagad Guru Chris Butler explains a yoga meditation technique.
{written by : Science of Identity Foundation - Jagad Guru Chris Butler}

The Fourfold Yoga - Part I About Transcendental Wisdom, which includes the knowledge of the Absolute and all Psychic sciences which use intuitive knowledge
{written by : G Kumar }

5 Reasons to Use Yoga to Battle Modern Day Stresses While many people have always thought of Yoga as some mystic Hindu practice, that image is rapidly disappearing – almost as fast as the stresses of our modern lives are increasing.
{written by : Barbara House}

Yoga III About Yoga, union with Cosmic Creative Intelligence
{written by : G Kumar }

Yoga and Osteoporosis - Yawn and Stretch Yoga is the living art of reconciling extremes. The optimum benefits of yoga are realized only when the union that is yoga is naturally sustained – when it is lived. This living art is a way of being that self-corrects (re-union) when things are out of harmony.
{written by : James Traverse}

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