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Step Seven Inside the Crystal Temple - Unity in Daily Life Can you imagine the joy of feeling that unity in your daily life? In fact, please take a moment to imagine living in unity with all life. In your dreams and meditations, while you are on hold on the phone, stuck in traffic, or doing the dishes, ....
{written by : Suzanne Caroll}

The Arcturian Corridor - About Arcturus Before we travel through the Corridor, allow us to share some information about our world. Arcturus is a red supergiant star 36.7 light years from Earth in the constellation of Bootes.
{written by : Suzan Caroll}

St. Germain speaks I see that you, dear grounded masters, tire of the hardship of the third dimension and wish to expedite your return Home to your true vibration. Most of you have served the cause of ascension for myriad lifetimes, and wish only to bask in the glory of multidimensional...
{written by : Suzan Caroll}

Chemtrails Over Peru Searching for Divine Messages in all the Wrong Places
{written by : Patrica Cori}

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The History of Vampires The Vampire persona has evolved from many true and untrue facts, legends and myths. At various times vampires, real and imagined, have been considered fiends, supernatural beings, shape-shifters, mentally-disturbed deviants, satanic servants and fetish followers. But, it all began and still revolves around a taste for blood!
{written by : Bill Knell}

MoD Report says UFOs Do Not Exist in the UK: Some British Pilots and Military Members Might Disagree According to a once secret report released by the British Ministry of Defense in April of 2007, UFOs are not anything to get excited about. The MoD report claims that all the incidents they have investigated show the objects in question to be without mass, no danger to air traffic and....
{written by : Bill Knell}

The Roswell UFO Crash: Walter Haut Speaks From the Grave The base formerly known as Roswell Army Air Base transferred from the Army to the newly created Air Force in June of 1947, but was still in a transitional stage in July of 1947 when the UFO Crash occurred.
{written by : Bill Knell}

Texas UFO Sightings Create A Buzz The quiet farming community of Stephenville, Texas, became the subject of national news broadcasts this week after UFO sightings were reported there by several dozen witnesses including a pilot and police officer. Stephenville, located about seventy miles southwest of Fort Worth, is ..
{written by : Bill Knell}

New Witnesses Come Forward, the U.S. Military Changes Their Story about the Texas UFO Sightings and Threatens Witnesses While many residents of Stephenville were hoping that the hoopla over recent UFO sightings over the small farming community would die down, the story just keeps growing thanks to credible reports from reliable ..
{written by : Bill Knell}

FAA Radar Confirms UFO Near Bush Ranch Shortly after the UFO sightings in Erath County, Texas, made the national news in January 2008, I reported that a source that worked within the military aviation industry gave me explanation for the large number of military aircraft seen over that area.
{written by : Bill Knell}

Psychic Vampires or Energy Vampires Psychic vampires and energy vampires have become a real problem in this world. I am sure everyone knows of someone who drains them dry when they are around them. This problem is so wide spread that it is the reason for many of the illnesses of fatigue.
{written by : Nita Hickok (c)2008}

The Arcturian Corridor - A message from Gaia I wish to remind you that I, Gaia, the consciousness of Earth, join you on this multidimensional journey. I thank you for your service of raising your personal resonance so that you can share your higher frequencies of multidimensional light with our planet.
{written by : Suzan Caroll}

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