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Acne free skin through Ayurveda Acne is a very common skin problem which affects young people at their puberty and few adults till they reach 45. Acne are referred as Youvana pitikas (which means the eruptions of youth) in ayurveda. This shows the prevalence of acne from ages.
{written by : Dr.Savitha Suri}

Will Jyotish Quality Gems Soon Be Only A Memory? Until a fellow gem dealer whose main business was capitalizing on the trade in gems for clients of Vedic astrologers, or jyotishis, coined the terminology "jyotish quality gems", this was not a term ever used to describe a gemstone.
{written by : Howard Beckman}

Boost Your Immune System and Stay Healthy with Ayurveda The Ayurvedic approach is that the body is kept in balance and the immune system at peak efficiency so that infections and various inflammations seldom manifest. If there is a lapse in balance, then rebalance and ...
{written by : Jennifer Beckman}

Keep back pain at bay Back pain is the most common complaint among adults under 45. Back pain brings their activities to a complete halt and intervenes in the progress of their career. Researchers say that it is really a challenge to a physician to find out the true cause of back pain.
{written by : Dr.Savitha Suri}

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In Perfect Coexistence - The Harmony & Rhythm Of Life All living beings must live in harmony in order to have any happiness or sense of peace. That the world today is lacking this harmonious rhythm is warning in it self that there are great cataclysmic changes soon to come on our planet earth. One who can bring harmony into...
{written by : Howard Beckman}

Vedic Civilization in Thailand About Universal Mysticism, the Art of Union with the Cosmic, a doctrine similar to Secular Humanism. The only difference is the postulate of a Self, which exists in all human beings. His great transparent mirror, Self
{written by : G Kumar }

Preventing Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy through Ayurveda Benign prostatic hypertrophy is swelling of Prostate gland. The prostate is a walnut sized gland that is only present in men. It is located just below the bladder and top of the penis. This gland surrounds the urethra ( the tube through which urine flows from the bladder and out through the penis ).
{written by : Dr.Savitha Suri}

Natural remedies and Home remedies for Dark Circles Under Eyes Dark circles under eyes are a common beauty problem. These under eye dark circles give us an appearance of tiredness or illness. They make us to feel worse and are rather detrimental to our self esteem.
{written by : Dr.Savitha Suri}

Fundamental Laws of Ayurveda Ayur or ayus translates from the Sanskrit term to mean “life”, and Veda is knowledge or science. Literally ‘The Science of Life’ Ayurveda comes from the same ancient tradition as hatha yoga and is considered to be the “Mother” of all holistic healing.
{written by : Howard Beckman}

What Is Your Dosha? Ayurveda enables us to look at each individual as a unique structure made up of the three doshas (Prakruti). In so doing a specific treatment can be designed to cater to that individuals health problems. This is why in India, most people know what their particular dosha or Prakruti is.
{written by : Howard Beckman}

Cleanse and Rejuvenate - A Simple Ayurvedic Cleansing You Can Do At Home A New Year is just beginning, bringing a little excitement within that you have been given another chance to do all those things you promised yourself last year, but never started.
{written by : Jennifer Beckman}

The Ayurvedic Method for Beauty - 10 Winter Skin Rejuvenators In Winter our skin becomes drier, rougher and tends to become flaky often becoming itchy. Our hands and lips can become chapped and sore. Combat winter skin problems with these Ayurvedic beauty remedies used for thousands of years.
{written by : Jelaila Starr}

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