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Synchronicity and the Science of Parallels Parallels are events that have transpired which display significant correspondences, rendering them counterparts of one another within the context of a greater meaning. Key relationships between dates in time, as they pertain to specific events, reveal the existence of synchronistic parallels, which have been documented as proof of this fact.
{written by : Joseph H. Bryan-Royster, Ph.D.}

Seriously Stuck? Blast Those Thought Forms! When we're stuck for what seems like forever on manifesting our goals and dreams, thought forms may be the cause. Here's how they are created and some tools for clearing them out.
{written by : ©2008 by Donna Cunningham, MSW}

Glimpses of Esoteric Christianity Part 6 How to attain perfection. The true salvation - developing divinity.
{written by : Leonard Lee}

Principles of Magic I have learned many of these laws and principles from all the different disciplines of magic I have studied. I always wondered how they were so similar for every type of magic. I speculated upon traveling magicians and people bringing their teachings to distant places around the world.
{written by : Nita Hickok (c)2006}

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The Real Secrets of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Core Explanation of Remote Viewing. The mysteries of the location of the Universal Mind (Collective Intelligence). First Public Disclosure Ever (July 1998).
{written by : Gerald O Donnell}

The Secret Doctrines of Polarity and Vibration: the Basis for All Change This article clears away much of the mystery clouding the use of energy for healing, cleansing and ritual. It presents a basic understanding as taken from The Kybalion teachings and offers examples of use.
{written by : Malana Ashlie}

Magical Ethics and Responsibility I started out doing spiritual healing and exorcisms as a favor to one person. I ended up doing it for years afterwards for many people. I have reacted in many different ways to the things that I have experienced from helping others with magical problems.
{written by : Nita Hickok (c)3005}

Do We Plan Our Lives Before We're Born? So often, when something “bad” happens to us, it appears to be purposeless suffering. But what if our most difficult experiences are actually rich with hidden purpose – purpose that we ourselves planned before we were born? Could it be that we choose our life’s circumstances, relationships, and events?
{written by : Robert Schwartz}

The Five New Chakras This article focuses on the aspect of love as the true vibration of the consciousness of one. An interesting read.
{written by : Sharon Ellis}

The Expression of Honor - Meditations With Lumari Meditations and Teachings of honor that bring new harmony into your life.
{written by : Lumari}

Approaching Metaphysics Part 2 Learn the basics of applied metaphysics. Knowing the proper approach of study hastens the learning process.
{written by : Leonard Lee}

The Mind Body Spirit Myth Physical reality is not what it appears to be, it is far stranger than many of the physicists and biologists currently appearing in the media have led the general public to believe.
{written by : NoR}

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