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Senses When one is placed within a sacred place, around which remains only cold and isolated faces of stone, then consider, from where does the vibration of guidance and enlightenment originate?
{written by : Ian Ross Barlow}

Spring The spring sun streams through my window frame Opening wide to limitless vistas of sapphire blue,
{written by : Alan Jacobs}

Death and Resurrection This is the book of my death. I should have saved my breath
{written by : George Schloss}

We Hide Ourselves We hide ourselves behind our faces So afraid of love are we
{written by : Rod Patterson}

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{written by : Rev. Judi A. Lynch}

Cold Mountain When I came to Cold Mountain I made my home among pines at the foot of a green cliff.
{written by : Colin Oliver}

10 Poems to Inspire A collection of inspirational poems including :Evening; Boundless; Marriage; Sea Shell; Love; Hedgebank; The Last Spark; Windswept; Field and Sky; This Hour;
{written by : Colin Oliver}

Preview The other night I was sitting Slouched in front of the television set
{written by : Virginia Parsell}

Fallout Tumbled out in the world, Subject to its whims
{written by : Virginia Parsell}

Song My life, my life, is what I see,
{written by : Virginia Parsell}

Point Counterpoint I look into the polished mirror and point at my reflection. He points too, and this in spite of all polite convention.
{written by : Jim Clatfelter}

Astonishing Nobody And the best day was, she continued, the day I disappeared, astonishing myself.
{written by : Linda Ewbank}

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