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Proofs of the Afterlife - My sensational materialization experiences For those of you who are looking for scientific studies and physical proofs to confirm the Afterlife, here is one excellent source that summarizes what are currently available. A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife Irrefutable Objective Evidence.
{written by : Victor Zammit}

December 2009 Public Channeling of the Kryonschool Review of the year 2009 and an energy transmission for Lady Gaia.
{written by : Sabine Sangitar Wenig}

On the Cusp of a New Age Guidance for moving through the fast-paced year 2011 and all the changes it is bringing.
{written by : Pepper Lewis}

Why It is Important For You to Do Your Right Work! We all came in here with job assignments to create heaven on earth. We all came in with special gifts and talents and abilities and endowments and experiences and certain things in our energy fields to contribute for this perfect Second Earth, the new Earth, and it's time for us..
{written by : Satina M. Scott }

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Alawashka: Awakening Creation Alawashka's message about our creativity, joy and expansion.
{written by : Lumari}

The Teaching of Moments Alawashka's message about the practice of being present.
{written by : Lumari}

Guide Channelled Poem. (Extract taken from his book SNOWBIRD volume 1
{written by : Ian Ross Barlow}

Kryonschool Public Channeling of June 2009 Kryon speaks about the Light Body symptoms so many human beings are experiencing at the moment, what they can be and what they mean. Following this the third Light Body level is activated. Then a special gift is brought to everybody taking part in this channeling.
{written by : Sabine Wenig, Kryonschule}

07 Maris - Kryon Festival Fall 2009 Energy transmission for Lady Gaia
{written by : Sabine Sangitar Wenig}

The Christmas Tree Channelled writing: The Christmas Tree (Taken from his book) From Out Of The Stillness
{written by : Ian Ross Barlow }

Kryonschool Public Channeling of September 2009, Lady Nada and Kryon Lady Nada takes you on a journey to the garden of love, the oasis of security and peace, where various gifts are brought to you. Afterwards Kryon transmits magnetic energy.
{written by : Sabine Sangitar Wenig}

02 Sherin - Kryon Festival Fall 2009 The audience travels into the Divine Reality and to the Ashtar Ship where the deity Bluestar speaks.
{written by : Sabine Sangitar Wenig}

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by Pieter Heydenrych
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