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Chakras and Lotuses The human etheric body is composed of force currents. In it there are vital centres of energy points. These whirlpools of force called Chakras manifest from the one force known as the primordial nature (Mulaprakriti). The yogis call it Kundalini.
{written by : The Circle of Good Will}

Auras, Chakras and Energy Fields: Cleansing and Activating Your Energy Systems Our energy systems are alive and intelligent. They know exactly what they need for perfect health and vibrant energy. When our energy systems are disrupted, blocked, slowed down, or damaged, messages are sent to the conscious level that something is wrong and that we need to address imbalances, blockages and damage.
{written by : Mary Kurus}

Feeling Safe and Secure in Challenging Times using Colour Breathing It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power
{written by : Zannie Rose}

An Introduction to the Chakras - Part 1 Within the metaphysical world we have a term that is called chakra. This is a term which was borrowed from the eastern part of the world (mainly India, but also parts of Asia). This word, which is Sanskrit, means spinning wheel. Thus, a chakra is a spinning....
{written by : John Culbertson}

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Chakra Balancing Meditation for Clarity and Wellbeing. This article guides you to find and cultivate balance within yourself and your energy system; using the techniques of grounding, centering, transforming energy, and balancing your individual chakras with a simple meditation.
{written by : Erika Ginnis}

Chakras A look at the subtle energy centres in the body: what they do, and how to feel this connection
{written by : George E. Lockett}

Colour, Chakra's, Crystals and Light Therapy Colour therapy is a subtle non-invasive therapy making use of the healing energy contained within the visible rays of colour. Colour therapists introduce the optimum balance of colour energies into the human organism in order to promote harmony and balance between the body, mind and spirit.
{written by : Victoria}

Working With Auras & Chakras, The Dark Side In our previous article about working with auras and chakras we glossed over working with some of the ‘darker’ emotions related to fear, emotions such as anger, envy, and jealousy. We tackle that difficult subject here.
{written by : Greg Gourdian}

Chakras The chakras, which resemble whirling wheels of energy, exist on the etheric plane. This is why orthodox western medicine has difficulty accepting their existence. Indian and Chinese healing symptoms have shown us how important ..
{written by : Victoria}

The Chakra Song We may feel we are familiar with the practices of prayer or meditation and we may have tried these unsuccessfully and wondered why such time honored avenues to self empowerment have failed to work in our lives. We may hear many testimonies that describe the effective power ...
{written by : Greg Gourdian}

Chakras and Your Breath A brief glimpse of swara yoga, the science of breath and how chakras are related to it.
{written by : Charles B. Crenshaw, Jr.}

Transitions for the USA and the World: Chakra Energetics in the Election of Barack Obama Chakra energetics that led to the election of barack obama and the results therefrom.
{written by : santosh krinsky}

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