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Two Days So goes one of my favorite Sufi stories. And it was Douglas Harding who said, in reference to some imaginary problem, that the whole day had come and gone in his huge Single Eye, and he’d called it a bad day! Here, then, is a so-called “bad day” in prison:
{written by : J.C. Amberchele}

The Spa of Your Inner Mind You've been to hypnotists and are ready to continue the work on your own. You do not want anyone else guiding your work, you want to be in charge. You want a way to make your experience unique each time, tailored to your immediate needs.
{written by : Michelle Beaudry}

Not Quite Getting It Right? When high expectations are not fulfilled we so easily go down the path of disappointment. Sometimes it is enough to stop us dead in our tracks - for a while.
{written by : Thea Westra}

The Forest As one approaches the beauty of the forest, many areas remain hidden, casting doubts as to the course which has been chosen is right.
{written by : Ian Ross Barlow}

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Acts of Kindness How do you measure success? In the 'have's and have nots' or do you measure it in kindness?
{written by : Aleesha Stephenson}

The Flow of Acknowledgment Declare this year and every year - a year of acknowledgment to recognize and appreciate the life you have exactly the way it is.
{written by : Lumari}

Does Your Life Have Meaning? Living life as an expression of the Divine Source
{written by : Carol Powel-Smith}

A small thank you note Each time we say thank you, we acknowledge a connectedness in our world. There is such beauty in this simple phrase. It brings us into a higher state of awareness for the gifts and wonders in our lives. This is one small way I can share my thanks with you.
{written by : Lumari}

Tarot Inspiration This is a one card reading for the month of March with the intention of inspiring you and inspiring you to inspire others!
{written by : Gloria Thayer}

Find Your True Calling and Purpose Life is NOT about just living for Friday's or creating goals. It is about fulfilling the role that you were meant for. If you feel inspired to discover your true purpose and calling then we invite you to read on.
{written by : Joshua Zuchter}

It Is Time To Remember Who You Are. You are a Beloved Child of God who is on Earth during this unique moment to cocreate the wonders of Heaven on Earth.
{written by : Patricia Diane Cota-Robles }

It's Your Baby In a remote region of the Andes, two tribes were feuding. One tribe lived high in the mountains and the other in the lowlands. One day the highlanders raided the village of the lowlanders and kidnapped a baby. The next day the lowlander tribe assembled a rescue team to climb..
{written by : Alan Cohen}

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by Pieter Heydenrych
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