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Definition word count : 216 -- Definition Id : 111 -- Definition active date : 2010-04-05 -- Definition views : 907

Category : Chakras
Plural form : auras

Auras are fields of energy surrounding the physical bodies of all living organisms. Auras may be perceived around physical objects as well.

As applied to humans, auras typically appear in seven primary layers often described by the hues of the rainbow, beginning with red, going outward to violet. The seventh, outermost aura appears clear, invisible, or ultraviolet and may sometimes be depicted as gold, silver, or light pinkish or purple hues.

Your seven auras help create your physical body. They channel subtle energy and information. The information content of your auras is used to direct the flow of subtle energies through your energetic body to create who you are from the quantum level up to the plenum level.

Each of your seven auras is related to a specific chakra or energy vortice in your energetic body. Your auras and chakras work at different frequencies of vibration, like octaves of notes in a musical scale. Each vibratory level is associated with different aspects of your life.

The primary descriptions of these aspects are as follows:
Red: Physical health, instincts, and vitality
Orange: Emotional health, creativity, and sexuality
Yellow: Mental health, Ego, and Intellect
Green: Spiritual health, compassion, and healing
Blue: Social health, self-expression, and ideals
Violet: Perceptual health, prejudices, and judgment
Clear: Psychic health, awareness, and divinity

Definition supplied by :
Grigori Rho Gharveyn, aka Greg Gourdian, Roger Holler

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