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Definition word count : 190 -- Definition Id : 134 -- Definition active date : 2010-08-02 -- Definition views : 2393

Category : Geomancy
Plural form : N/A

Related Terms: Lithomancy, Ley Lines

Geomancy should not to be confused with Lithomancy. Both arts involve the magickal use of stone, however Lithomancy is a branch of Geomancy limited to invoking magick with the Earth"s energies by writing in stone.

Geomancy is a form of magick that is focused on the application of Earth energies, specifically the energies of geological formations. Geomancy includes the art of using gemstones.

Geomancers consider the earth to have many energy centers similar to chakras, but on a planetary scale. These energy centers appear similar to chakras because a prime charcteristic of all geomantic energy centers is the presence of an energetic vortex where Earth energies are processed and redistributed.

Geomancers are responsible for locating these energy centers for the purpose of erecting stone monuments to alter the Earth"s bio-energetic fields and stabilize the earth"s magnetic poles.

All geomantic energy centers are connected to one another by Ley Lines. Ley lines are avenues of energy that flow across the earth in straight lines from one energy center to the next.

Animals are known to insitinctively orient their trails along ley lines.

Definition supplied by :
Greg Gourdian

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