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Definition word count : 97 -- Definition Id : 135 -- Definition active date : 2010-08-02 -- Definition views : 2923

Category : Lithomancy
Plural form : N/A

Lithomancy is the magickal art of writing in stone. Runestones are a common application of Lithomancy. Runestones may be used for healing, divination and magick.

Lithomancy is related to Geomancy, as a sub-category. Geomancy covers a wider range of arts and applications.

Lithomancy channels the energies of the Earth through stones carved with glyphs, pictographs, or words. Stone sculptures, stone statuary, and many other stone artifacts, such as fertility fetishes, are often considered to be related applications of the lithomantic arts.

Often, the highest priests and priestesses of geomantic and lithomantic arts have been Kings and Queens.

Definition supplied by :
Greg Gourdian

Articles containing : Lithomancy
Lithomancy, Spelled in Stone {by Greg Gourdian}
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