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Definition word count : 175 -- Definition Id : 31 -- Definition active date : 2009-04-01 -- Definition views : 744

Category : Gods
Plural form : N/A

The Dagda (said da-da) is the All-Father of the Irish pantheon. He is also knowns as Eochaid Ollathair (all father), Ruad Rofhessa (lord of great knowledge), and Deirgdec (red or sun eye). The Dagda"s title is the Good God. This title does not refer to his moral character but instead acknowledges the Dagda is "good" at all arts and crafts. In the Lebor Gabala Erenn, the Dagda is the leader of the Tuatha de Danaan. He is married to Boand, and father of many sons and daughters, all goddesses and gods of the Irish pantheon. Among his daughters are: Aine, Brighid, and Bodb Derg. Among his sons we find: Aed, Angus Og, Cermat, and Midir.

The Dagda and Boand first occupied Brugh na Boine (Newgrange). Later, Angus Og tricks his father into giving him Newgrange and the Dagda removes to the Grianan of Ailech, in Co. Donegal.

The Dagda appears in many of the Irish tales but no specific duties are associated with him. Later in the tales he is replaced by Lugh Lamfada.

Definition supplied by :
Tira Brandon-Evans, Society of Celtic Shamans

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