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Definition word count : 209 -- Definition Id : 62 -- Definition active date : 2009-05-05 -- Definition views : 5392

Category : Reiki
Plural form : N/A

pronounced Choh-Koo-Ray

This symbol is one of three symbols introduced to second degree Reiki trainees

This is considered the Reiki power symbol, and is used primarily for increasing, and focussing of Reiki energy onto the subject, of healing. The symbol draws its power from the environment around you, and is used regularly by practitioners for enhancing healing ability.

The application of the symbol varies between practitioners, but primarily includes the drawing (by hand) of the symbol in the air, and then projecting the symbol onto the subject. Some practitioners also use visualization of the symbol, combined with vizualised projection of the symbol, to similar affect.

This symbol can be used in conjunction with the other Reiki symbols, and so this is a common practice for the further empowerment of the other symbols and the affects of the other symbols.

An interesting aspect of this symbol is that it should be reversed for self application, and when dealing with patients that is suffering from cancer. (the reversing aspect limited to the circular portions of the symbol)

The primary direction of application of the symbol should be based on the direction water flows down the drain. So the primary direction will be different in the Northern hemisphere, vs the Southern hemisphere..

Definition supplied by :
Pieter Heydenrych, Reiki Master, editor of the Esoteric Library and founder of The Order of Perfect.

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