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Definition word count : 175 -- Definition Id : 63 -- Definition active date : 2009-05-05 -- Definition views : 3216

Category : Reiki
Plural form : N/A

pronounced Say-Hay-Ki

This is one of three symbols introduced to second degree Reiki trainees

This is the mental healing and calming symbol, and essentially connects your mind to the mind of the subject.

Use of this symbol should be done with care, and the practioner has to ensure that their own mind chatter does not get shoved into the subject"s mind. So should only be applied when the practitioner mind is in perfect harmony, and clear of chatter.

Application involves drawing of the symbol in the air (by hand), with projection onto the crown chakra of the subject. This allows for the practitioner to calm the mind of the subject, and typically enables the subconscious memories needed for healing to bubble to the surface. Visualized projection are also used by some practitioners.

The Cho-Ku-Rei can be used with this symbol, and to empower this symbol even further. This symbol can also be used with the Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen for creating the mind connection remotely.

It is NOT recommended that this symbol is used without proper training.

Definition supplied by :
Pieter Heydenrych, Reiki Master, editor of the Esoteric Library and founder of The Order of Perfect.

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