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Plural Form : Gods

Usually refers to, or used to describe, a being of significant power, not always benevolent, not always good. Gods have been ever present throughout the history of human kind as those we look up to for aid and assistance in our daily and overal lives. Gods / Godesses usually have domain over their specific specialities, and so control current events and destiny in their various domains.

Gods are usually defined by those that believe in them and in some belief systems and cultures, the power of these Gods are usually only as significant as the belief of the people in them.

Many cultures (old and modern) have created statues and icons to represent their Gods. Others have found the creation of physical icons unacceptable.

The most well known western Gods include the Christian God, who is in their belief system, all powerful, all seeing and no doubt benevolent.

In Greek Mythology Gods existed, each with their own special ability or power, eg. Ares (the God of War) and Zues (the God of the sky and the weather). Worshippers would approach a God with a specific domain to aid them in a specific task.

Paganism have ingrained a large number of Gods and Godesses some of the better known ones include Eqyptian Osiris (God of Corn / God of the Dead) and Greek Apollo (God of Light). And even in some divination practices are the ever presence of Gods clearly visible. Eg. Runes (which are simple yet effective representations of various Gods, with domain over various specialities)

Of importance to note is that most religions and philosophies are usually formed around the existence of (or belief in) some Gods / Godesses, and few philosophies can survive without the everpresent loom of some God figure, as this is what usually proves to be the binding cement of these religions (whether driven by fear of, or love for a Supreme or Supremes).

The question that remains forever, is.

Do they exist or not?...
The answer : What do you think....

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Pieter Heydenrych, Reiki Master, editor of the Esoteric Library and founder of The Order of Perfect.


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