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Alchemy is the science of spiritual purification. The purpose of alchemy is to help your soul evolve, to nobilify your essence or character. The ultimate goal of alchemy is to transcend human flaws of character and spirit to reach a divine state of being.

Alchemy is commonly misunderstood to be related to transforming lead into gold, however, this is really only a metaphor for transforming the base nature of the human spirit into nobler forms. Lead is used as a metaphor for the lowest natural form of humanity, while Gold defines the most noble form.

Alchemists misguided by this metaphor were responsible for discovering most of the physical characteristics of the elements and their compounds, and the processes for working with them. These discoveries eventually evolved into the modern science of chemistry.

Modern alchemists fall into two groups, those who understand the true spiritual purpose of alchemy, and those who believe the purpose of alchemy is to physically transmute lead into gold.

Alchemy is a learning process whereby the alchemist discovers the truth about themsleves and learns to exemplify that truth so that the character of the alchemist becomes more noble. Alchemists strive to more consistently express the true nature of their souls.

A successful alchemist may overcome all human obstacles because they learn to understand the ultimate nature of reality and how to directly affect the manifestations of the material world.

All manners of witchcraft, sorcery, and wizardry may be used by the masters of alchemy. These powers are a reward for mastering alchemy; these rewards should never be mistaken for the specific goal or purpose of mastering alchemy, which should always be to nobilify the human spirit.

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Grigori Rho Gharveyn, aka Greg Gourdian, Roger Holler


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