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Definition for : Talisman

Plural Form : Talisman

... An object of power.

These are usually objects used in magical practices to perform or hold certain powers and magical objectives. There are various forms and types of talisman, though probably the most common use for talisman is for protection.

The talisman is imbued with the power of a God, magical creature, magical symbol, belief in or just subjected to a spell. The Talisman then holds the power to perform its objective, without the presence of it"s creator.

A talisman could be something as symple as a rock, all the way to a complex engraved object, and is usually placed in a specific place, or even carried by a person who wishes to enjoy the benefits of the talisman power.

Definition supplied by :
Pieter Heydenrych, Reiki Master, editor of the Esoteric Library and founder of The Order of Perfect.


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