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Plural Form : Reincarnations

It is said that when someone leaves a physical plain of existence, (dying or leaving one body behind) and then return back to the physical plain of existence, by taking up a new and different (from the previous) body, then this person (or being) has Reincarnated.

The bodies refered to here can theoretically be any body in existence on the physical plain, however reincarnation usually only takes place by virtue of the occupancy of a new body (eg. new born baby)

In some philosophies this is considered to be an unending cycle of life and death, which constitutes a complete and total journey of spiritual learning.

In most philosophies that embrace Reincarnation as a spiritual concept, the principles of Karma are also embraced.

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The literal translation of the word reincarnation is “to be made flesh again.” This is the belief that part of a human (the soul or spirit) survives death and is reborn in a new body. While the soul or spirit may take on a new personality in the new body, it still has some consistencies with the past lives as well. Reincarnation is a major part of many religions including Sikhism, Hinduism, Spiritism, various African religions, and Jainism. Some contemporary Pagans as well as New Age enthusiasts believe in reincarnation as well. Buddhists also believe in a form of reincarnation, but it differs slightly as their belief is of rebirth, not actual reincarnation.

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