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Chakras are the energetic organs of your energetic body. There are seven primary chakras related to human beings, however, many more chakras exist, and some of these chakras may be considered primary chakras by different methods of teaching.

Each chakra is related to a field of energy called an aura. Your auras surround your physical body in layers. Your physical body is a product of the process by which you channel subtle energies through your energetic body.

Each of your seven primary chakras is located along a central column of energy that rises from your root chakra to your crown chakra. This central energy channel is used to raise kundalini energy for spiritual awakening.

Your auras and chakras work at different frequencies of vibration, like octaves of notes in a musical scale. Each vibratory level is associated with different aspects of your life. (for a list of these aspects see the definition for aura or auras)

The locations of your seven primary chakras are as follows:
Root Chakra: at the base of your spine
Emotional Chakra: above the Root Chakra on a level with your bladder
Mental Chakra: bottom of stomach, between the navel and solar plexus
Heart Chakra: on the level of your heart, near the bottom of your sternum
Throat Chakra: on a level with the small hollow below your larynx
Brow Chakra: on a a level with your third eye, between your eyebrows
Crown Chakra: At the crown of your head, where babies have a soft spot

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Grigori Rho Gharveyn, aka Greg Gourdian, Roger Holler

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Chakra maps are varied in the literature. Some thoughts about the reasons for variation include reflections of different genetic makeup(including alien/other world influence); cultural variations which impact energy flow; environmental influences which impact energy flow.

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