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Category : Hypnosis

Definition for : Affirmation

Plural Form : Affirmations

Refers to a repetitive reminding device, which is usually utilized to enforce the memory of something not in existence as yet, and through this bringing this into reality of existence ...

The most common reminding devices are simple short phrases, repeated by a person, with typically life enhancing meaning and properties. The intention through this is to increase the individual"s true belief in the untrue, and so bringing it into reality of truth.

Other common affirmations include photos of things, typically depicting their disposition in relation to you.

Affirmations can be used for self empowerment, life enhancement, even little things like quiting smoking. Hypnotists also make extensive use of this tool and so this offers a wide range application in various fields including motivational fields all the way through spiritual, and general life enhancement.

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Pieter Heydenrych, Editor of the Esoteric Library


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