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The unseen life force that flows through each of us can be channeled and utilized to provide soothing, healing, supportive energy by those who have undergone training. In the Bible we find that Jesus healed the sick through the “laying on of hands”, certainly using the ability to transmit this life force to an extraordinary degree.

Similarly in the East, the knowledge of the energy flow, known as ki or chi in the Chinese tradition, or as “prana” in the Ayurvedic tradition, has a long history of almost 5000 years. Health practitioners from these modalities codified and developed a system that included extensive use of this energetic healing technique.

In more recent times, Dr. Mikao Usui brought together much diverse information and developed the systematic teaching known today under the name of Reiki. It is to Dr. Usui that the formal methods of teaching Reiki were credited, and it is from his time that reiki practice took on a life of its own.

Reiki is a particular form of energy only possible through attunements, unlike other energy healing through the laying on of hands. It is safe and causes no harm to anyone involved. No kind of exercise or mental intention is necessary in the practice of Reiki. It invigorates the recipient as well as the practitioner.

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