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Definition for : Divination

Plural Form : Divinations

Predicting the future, or predicting a future outcome.

There are various modalities of divination which include at least Astrology, Runes, Tarot, Fortune Telling, Horoscopy, I Ching to name but a few of the more main stream modalities.

A number of these modalities are simply used to predict the future, like Astrology and Fortune Telling.

However another more obscure but common use nonetheless, is it"s use in predicting the outcome of a spell that will be cast, before casting the spell. This is especially important when practicing the white arts, as spells tend to be somewhat unpredictible, and so witches would use divination to ensure no harm.

In modern days some practitioners would use divination even to predict the markets and investments opportunities.

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Pieter Heydenrych, Reiki Master, editor of the Esoteric Library and founder of The Order of Perfect.


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