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The Fabric of Being

{written by : James Traverse}

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How important is Your Breathing as Respiration and Circulation? To answer this question ask: How long will you continue living if you stop breathing air as respiration?

Eightfold Inter~Course Wave of Breathing


The Living UniVerse is one living, seamless, fractal~holographic fabric composed of the inter-course of energetic waves. ~ James Traverse

How important is Your Breathing as Respiration and Circulation?

To answer this question ask:

How long will you continue living if you stop breathing air as respiration?

How long will you continue living if your heart stops pumping blood throughout your body as the breathing called circulation?

The single answer to both of these questions is that you will be dead in a matter of minutes if your are not breathing as respiration or circulation. In other words breathing is the central current of your being and if you are not breathing you will be dead soon.


Elemental Breathing

Breathing air is the inter~course of the waves of your respiration~circulation. You know through medical science and personal observation that you will live for as long as you are breathing. You breathe all other elements in the same way that you breathe air.

Being, as the dimensionless background or space, is the quintessential element – everything happens in space. The penultimate elements, fire, air, water and earth are expressions, or flow, within Being as degrees of Being~Breathing. Its expressions flow out of the formless background into form, through form, and out of form as they flow from higher to lower (fire->air->water->earth) and flow-er from lower to higher (earth->water->air->fire).

Since you, the foreground, are the same as your Source, it is no surprise that your human form arises out of, is surrounded supported and sustained, and returns to the background that literally breathes your form (all forms are different degrees or forms of flow~motion; the form of fire is plasma; the form of air is gas; the form of water is liquid; the form of earth is solid). Your substance is interwoven flow~motion forms of breathing as follows:

·        Food flows into your human form (through physical and esoteric hunger); your human form absorbs the life giving energy~flow and expels the wastes as fecal matter; your life will end in a matter of a month or so without this flow.

·        Water flows into your human form (through physical and esoteric thirst); your human form absorbs the life giving energy~flow and expels the waste as urine; your life will end in a matter of a week or so without this flow.

·         Air flows into your human form (through physical and esoteric breathing); your breathing is the inter~course of respiration and circulation (inner and outer breathing); your human form absorbs the life giving energy~flow and expels the wastes; your life will end in a matter of minutes without this flow.

·        Fire flows into your human form from our sun (heat, light, vitamin D, and esoterically through passion - something in your life inspires you); fire flows into your human form; your human form absorbs the life giving energy~flow and expels the wastes as heat and light; you and I cannot exist at all without fire as heat and light from our sun (you can survive on artificial forms which are really fire stored in that form), you can exist for years without true fire as passion, yet you are never truly alive without passion.

·        Being in the flow into your human form; it is the expression of your Source that takes form as You, a Human Being. Your form absorbs and is the combined life giving energy~flow of earth, water, air and fire; wastes are the energy you expend as the unfolding flow of your life (said more positively wastes are your expression as what you give off).  This is how you (the foreground) exist; therefore you cannot be without it.

Note that in all the examples/forms of breathing above that your life ends sooner and sooner (or cannot exist at all) without these elemental expressions, or flows, that come out of your Source.


Fractal~Holographic Interwoven Living Relationship


Inter-face of Respiration ~ Circulation = Octave of Breathing


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Venous Flow

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Arterial Flow

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Thinking ~ Feeling = Octave of Holo-Action


Cross~Link Transition


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Feeling Based Action

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Thought Based Action

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SPACE as Inner World ~ Outer World = Your Life; an Octave

Your Holo-Action

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Your Effect on
the UniVerse

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The UniVerse"s Effect on You

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Your Holo-Action

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You have direct access to the two most perfect models of excellence:

1) The Spirit-Nature of Your BodyMind

2) The Nature-Spirit of Mother Nature

Here are some examples of the elemental Space~Flow of Spacious~Awareness
- in most cases you can click the images to see a larger view.

A Flame is a Fire Wave

The element fire is Plasma as tongues of fire, heat waves, and countless other forms.

Earth Waves

Every Mountain has a Valley - together they form a Wave.

This same wave nature that you see pictured above as the elements earth and fire
is even more obvious in the manifestation of the elements air and water.


The quintessential element is FLOW as BEING - the best example of BEING is YOU.

The structure of FLOW is a wave that takes a spiral shape as it flows.,

Analemma of Sun

Infinity shape of a galaxy

Eightfold Spiral Wave of Your DNA - Replication

Spiral waves in seashells

a) note its holographic nature and scale in this x-ray

b) note how it looks like a hurricane or tornado which are a spiral dance of horizontal and vertical waves.

CloudWaves are water waves

a) note how they look like ocean waves

b) note the holographic nature of waves: the only difference between smaller and larger waves is their size - the difference is in dimensions, not essence.

Graphic of hurricane structure - note the current of its being as a Breathing Vortex (hurricanes and tropical storms are waves that have rotated from horizontal to vertical)

The InterWoven waves that form the Seven Major Chakras form octaves within octaves - the same structure as your DNA

Fourfold Wave of a Human Spinal Column turned 90° from the vertical

Creation - Yoga 2

Intercourse Wave of Reproduction is formed by two interwoven waves

A Double Spiral Galaxy like our Milky Way Galaxy

Here the rotation appears to be counterclockwise - like a hurricane.

Note the complimentary opposite spiral rotations of the hurricane off the coast of Florida on the left and the cyclone over Australia on the right... this is the same as looking at your DNA molecule or a spiral galaxy from one end or the other.

A double Spiral Galaxy viewed from its opposite end.

Here the rotation appears to be clockwise - like a cyclone.


(Some folks have troubles with these rotations - try pointing your finger away from you and turn it clockwise - then turn your hand so that your finger points toward you while you keep turning it - now your finger appears to be rotating counterclockwise...)


Earth~Water~Air~Fire~Being - All are Wave Inter~Course as the expressions of Spacious~Awareness


~ ~ ~


The Current of Life is Electro-Magnetic:

The Interwoven Living Relationship of Electricity and Magnetism


Electricity ~ Magnetism = Octave of Electromagnetism

Electric Current

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Magnetic Current

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Magnetic Current

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Electric Current

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All there is is Onennss as Spacious~Awareness.

Yet you appear to live in two worlds simultaneously...

Do your worlds clash or are they harmoniously aligned?

Often you may be thinking one thing in your inner world and doing or saying another thing in your outer world... the reconciliation of these worlds of your being is a returning to innocence where the Truth of Oneness is self-evident (this is the Intelligence of Innocence).


The goal of  Yoga2 is a Silent Mind...where thinking about the goal negates it - you can only be it!

(Yoga is the living understanding of a silent mind wherein the means is the end)


The result is Oneness with the Space~Flow of Spacious~Awareness


There are two places or times when your mind is silent:

1) when you are fully engaged in a process whereby you give yourself so completely to the process that you are absorbed in it;

2) when you are completely relaxed such that you let go so completely that you dissolve.


In both cases this is like a cube of sugar being dissolved in and absorbed by water... to your eyes the sugar seems to have disappeared yet if you drink the water you taste that there is no where that the sugar isn"t (it is one with its surroundings). And, in both cases you do not lose consciousness - there is consciousness without objectification... this does not mean that objectifying does not have its role to play because functionally objectification is very practical.


What this reveals is that your being has two interwoven extremes as:

1) Concentration - the concentrated focus of your localized presence; this is the definite, temporary, extreme of your being as doing; this corresponds to the sugar mentioned above being extracted from the water such that it is in its concentrated, contracted, localized form.

2) Meditation - the extreme of your being that is beyond objectification - you can never know this because you are it (you can only live it) - and, since it is beyond the scope of anything that you know or can know, it is described as the infinite, eternal, extreme of your being; this corresponds to sugar in its suspended, expanded, non-local form as dissolved and absorbed in water.


Thus it can be stated that the goal of undertaking the practice of Yoga 2 is to facilitate an understanding of the laws that govern the UniVerse so clearly that you are able to relax about them. In this way you resolve any conflict between your doing and your being and effortlessly realize the Way of Harmonious Being where the activities of your mind and body do not break Silence. This is Oneness with the Space~Flow of Spacious~Awareness.

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