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About Pieter Heydenrych
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Pieter Heydenrych has spent most of his life (including a very large portion of his youth), seeking answers about our existence. A search which has taken him on a path through various organized religions as well as general enlightenment teaching organizations. Today, a Reiki master and solo practitioner, Pieter has found himself a mystic student and teacher.

Why the Library?

Though it would be hypocritical to suggest that there is not at least some for profit motive in the development of this library, this project is the culmination of an intense passion and desire to both learn and teach. In his search Pieter has come to this very important conclusion :

All teachings lead to one path, and one end. No matter if these teachings contain partial truth or whole truth.

The path is one of learning, and the end is one of devine comprehension.

Though our journeys may differ, the result is the same. Even if not in this life time, the end is always the same. So with this in mind Pieter has gladly taken the task of helping to spread knowledge upon himself, and what better medium than this resource. Pieter has also made a commitment that this resource will continue, whether profitable or not. This commitment extends to it's continuation even if Pieter is not able to do so himself.

Our objective with this library

Our primary objective with this library is to inform. Also to do so in an unbiased fashion, allowing our public to make up their own minds. So an attempt to gather and present all points of view, even if opposing. As long as it remains informative.

It is also our hope that this may become a source for referencing, on all esoteric related topics, for all who have an interest in these topics, and as such all future developments of this site will be focussed on furthering this objective as well, following the true spirit of what a library should be.

It is our hope that each will gain the benefit from this, that it's creator envisaged.

To ask a question or send a comment please feel free to contact us (or Pieter) using our contact form here

Blessed be...