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Colour, Chakra's, Crystals and Light Therapy

{written by : Victoria}

Article word count : 1948 -- Article Id : 1076
Article active date : 2008-11-12 -- Article views : 9705

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Article is about :
Colour therapy is a subtle non-invasive therapy making use of the healing energy contained within the visible rays of colour. Colour therapists introduce the optimum balance of colour energies into the human organism in order to promote harmony and balance between the body, mind and spirit.

Reincarnation The Neverending Journey
In Reincarnation The Neverending Journey an attempt is made to explore the conundrum of our existence. An existence that spans yesterday, today and even tomorrow. Questions surrounding the existence of the soul and our connections to the physical world, the fundamental mechanisms and the processes by which reincarnation operates through time, are carefully examined. Plausible revelations on memories and karma and their intrinsic connections to our lives today and tomorrow are explored. It is a Neverending Journey.. Your Neverending Journey....

by Pieter Heydenrych

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Colour therapy is a subtle non-invasive therapy making use of the healing energy contained within the visible rays of colour. Colour therapists introduce the optimum balance of colour energies into the human organism in order to promote harmony and balance between the body, mind and spirit. Only when this balance occurs are we able to work towards a state of perfect health. Colour therapy is at present a complementary therapy, which works well with many other methods of treatments. There are, however, many cases where colour therapy has worked while other methods of treatment have been ineffectual. You do not have to be ill to benefit from colour therapy, as we are all striving towards wholeness and perfect health. Colour therapy encourages us to take personal responsibility for our life and to use the healing power within ourselves. A colour therapist can use colour to balance energy, aid creativity and learning, release blocks and alleviate physical, emotional and mental conditions. Colour therapy helps people understand their needs for certain colours, and show them how to use these colours for healing, health, relaxation, inspiration and protection. Colour therapy is now used extensively in Asia, Europe and America as a complementary treatment for many physical, emotional and mental problems. These include ailments such as asthma, arthritis, nervous and mental disorders, depression, eating disorders, skin diseases, digestive ailments, blood and circulation problems, fevers, rheumatism, shock, for the relief of pain and as part of the treatment for many serious illnesses such as paralysis, multiple sclerosis, M.E. cancers and Aids. Colour therapy has been used as a cure for leprosy in India using only a combination of diet and colour bandages.

Colour treatments can speed up recovery after an illness or an operation.Hospitals around the world are now using certain colours for the decoration of the wards to speed up recovery, with very positive results. It was reported recently that an eight-year-old girl was brought into hospital in Germany suffering from third degree burns. Her doctor, a homoeopath, treated her with colour therapy using blue light, and the child recovered fully in record time with surprisingly little scarring. As Colour therapists use the different colour wavelengths, which are in essence vibrations, colour therapy forms part of what is known as Vibrational Medicine. Sound, fragrance and thought waves are also vibrations, and this is why colour therapy, music therapy, aromatherapy and mind techniques such as meditation and creative visualisations are all closely linked. Sound waves are really colour vibrations slowed down. Think of an electric storm. First we see the lightning and later when the vibrations slow down, we hear the thunder. In fact our senses are so closely linked that some people when looking at a colour hear a corresponding sound. Many blind people can feel colour through their fingertips. Each colour has a different texture and feeling. In fact sighted people can also learn to differentiate colours through their fingers. Colour also emits a fragrance. There are machines which can show one the colour of sounds on a screen. This form of sound and light therapy was used to treat shell-shocked soldiers after the war.


Just as we need to eat a balanced diet if we are to be healthy, so too do we need a balance of the energy from the seven spectrum colours. These colour vibrations nourish not only the physical cells and organs but have a powerful influence on our emotional, mental and nervous activity as well as our spiritual well-being. We all know that colour affects our moods. We find some colours are uplifting and inspiring while others depressing. We often use terms like, "feeling blue" or "seeing red", without really thinking of the meaning behind the words. Our feelings and emotions are directly affected by the balance or imbalance of hormones in our body. The energy from coloured light travels to the pituitary gland, the master gland of the endocrine system, thus affecting our entire metabolism. So the visible rays increase and stimulate the production of hormones. Coloured light also causes calcium and phosphorus to be more readily utilised, and pathological blood sugar is diminished without any disturbance to normal blood sugar. The red/orange rays produce heat, which relieves congested conditions. The lymphatic stasis is reduced, causing blood vessels to dilate, resulting in increased blood supply. On the other hand, the cooling blue wavelength reduces blood pressure as the suprarenals are depressed whilst the thyroid gland is stimulated. Colour affects our mental body too. Certain colours, like blue, can calm our minds, while others, like certain shades of yellow, can stimulate mental activity. The effect of colour, however, does not end when we close our eyes. Colour is absorbed through the skin, affecting every cell in our body. As all cells are light sensitive, so colour vibrations affect their growth and behaviour causing fine bio-chemical changes to take place.

Colour therapy is particularly useful as a preventative medicine. Coloured light causes anti-bodies to be stimulated, thus increasing the resistance to bacterial disease or disturbance. Leucocytes can also be increased thus stimulating the capacity of the individual to overcome bacterial infection. Not only do we take in coloured light through our eyes and skin, we also draw in light energy through a system of body energy centres, known as the chakras, which are directly linked to our nervous system.


As with many other complementary medicines, colour therapists believe that a person is not merely a mass of bones, muscles and tissues held together by electrical impulses from the brain. We believe that people have souls. As the word soul is derived from the word "sol" or sun, we believe that man has his own internal sun, and is an illuminated being or embodied spirit. Colour therapists recognise that while we may have the same illness as someone else, we are all unique, and the cause and treatment of an illness will vary from person to person according to their particular colour needs. Conventional Western medicine treats the disease, but colour therapists treat the patient. That is the whole person, who may coincidentally have an illness. We need to know about the mental and emotional state of the client as well as understanding his spiritual nature. Colour healers look for the true cause of a physical problem, for if we can treat a problem at its source, it can be properly cured. Much medicine used today is really "band aid" medicine. This uses drugs and external treatments to cover or hide the symptoms with the result the illness may be temporarily held at bay, only to reoccur later perhaps in the same way or in another form. The expectation of most people has also to be changed. Too often when we get ill, we go to a doctor expecting him or her to give us some medicine to make us better. We are handing over responsibility for our well being to somebody else. Illness manifests when there is a need to change a negative No amount of pill popping or medicine will help unless we truly want to change. Many problems are caused by our lifestyle, which involves stress, lack of exercise, poor diet, negative thoughts and actions. These are things we need to change for ourselves. Therapists are there to help us find out what areas in our life need changing. Colour is particularly good for identifying problem areas in our life and helping us make the necessary changes. Illness is only a state of energy imbalance. As colour healing works with energy, it is able to move and balance blockaged energy. Through counselling with colour, a client is encouraged to discover the healing powers within him or herself. Most illness develops in the emotional, mental or spiritual body long before it shows up as physical symptoms. As colour directly links to the subconscious mind, acting as a bridge between the visible and invisible worlds, we can use it to diagnose the root cause of a problem, treating and dispersing it at a deep level. So, illness and especially pain develops to let us know that we need to make changes in our life. It is no use numbing the pain, as the underlying problem will only be healed when we make changes in our life. For example, a woman who suffers from lower back pain really feels that she is without support from her family, while another person with shoulder trouble is taking on too much responsibility, and is literally taking the world on his shoulders. Until the problems relating to the emotional and mental state of the person can be faced, the problem will remain. Illness can also be caused by spiritual imbalances. It is difficult to find the spiritual causes of disease, and one can only really do this by developing one"s intuition with these things. For instance, some unexplained phobias could be brought with us from our experiences in another lifetime. Also some states like epilepsy and mental disorders are probably the result of mixed energies brought in from the spiritual world.


What do we mean, by treating the whole person? Remember that complementary therapists look at a human being in the context that he is an embodied spirit with a soul.This means there are other parts of our being which we cannot see. Not only do we have our Physical Body but also six other subtle bodies radiating outwards from our physical form. It is only because we are limited by our five senses that most people are only aware of their physical body. Closely linked to our dense body is the etheric body. The Etheric Body is identical to the physical body in every aspect other than it vibrates at a higher rate. The etheric body is our protection, and blockages and distortions of energy can be picked up in the etheric long before there is any sign of them in the physical body. So many physical and mental disorders can be dispersed in the etheric level so never manifest on the physical plane. The etheric is much like the ozone layer surrounding the earth. It collects and filters the energy from the other higher subtle bodies. Unfortunately the etheric body cannot differentiate between good and bad vibrations and lets all these permeate through to the physical body.

Vibrating at a higher rate than the etheric is the Astral Body, and it is in this body that we can move in our dreams. The astral body reflects our moods and emotional state at any time. We also have a Mental Body, which is the collection of thought vibrations, good and bad that surround us. The remaining subtle bodies are the Causal Body, which has to do with our karmas and purpose on earth in this lifetime, and two higher bodies connecting us to the divine life force. Colour vibrations permeate all these bodies, correcting and balancing the life-force energy. Colour is really the purest healing force in the universe, but its penetrating powers are only now being rediscovered and developed in a way appropriate to help us in this modern world. There have been many scientific studies recently proving the effects of the visible coloured rays upon us. In many cases we know that colour therapy works, but as yet are unable to explain why. One thing we do know is that no two people"s experiences are the same. Everyone working with colour can contribute to the further understanding of this wonderful healing force. For vibrational medicine is the true medicine of the future.

Author Bio :
Lifestyle Consultant. Spa Consultant, Spa Trainer. Alternative Therapies / Holistic Treatments-Nutritional Therapy, Colour Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Healing, Kinesiology, Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Life Coaching, Thai Massage, NLP, EFT, Reiki /Attunements/Workshops. Flower Remedies. Consultations in person, online, over the phone /skype. When you give your body the right conditions, it can and will heal itself. Victoria UK 0774644658 Indonesia 085857223602 / 081 385624325 Maldives +960 7699159 Malaysia 061 9347886 Thailand +66 0869193961 Philippines 09085724094 THE GOODNESS OF LIFE

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