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Breaking the Spirit

{written by : Robina Hearle}

Article word count : 470 -- Article Id : 1124
Article active date : 2008-11-24 -- Article views : 7960

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Article is about :
People with Broken spirits have been bullied or been subject to tyrannical behaviour to such an extent that it has caused soul damage . Breaking people's spirits is accepted practice in our society.

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Breaking the Spirit of people I am sad to say is an accepted method of control in our society. It is done in some cases as part of a regimen of discipline, by others unwittingly as they are not aware of their own destructive powers. People do it to other people and humans do it to animals.

What does this actually mean? Well in order to exert influence, will, control, very harsh measures are taken to achieve a desired outcome in the person who it is being inflicted upon.

The affect this has is to literally break someone’s spirit. This means a piece or pieces of the soul break away because they cannot cope with the situation, the person becomes diminished and damaged for life. When a piece of soul is missing the power of the person is much less, they do not function properly and are open to further attack and mental and physical illness. The piece or pieces of soul will stay lost for the whole of that person’s life and if not reconnected will continue from lifetime to lifetime until such time as the energetic reconnection takes place.

So in what circumstances does this happen? Well parents can do this to their children, husband to wives and vice versa, teachers to pupils, bosses to their employees. Some bosses will systematically break the spirit of their subordinates to gain their influence. This happens in large corporations to small firms. It happens in prisons, schools, care homes, colleges, in all societies. It will happen anywhere where people are given power. These people who inflict the bullying, and tyranny and have issues around controlling others are themselves damaged souls.

Historically the armed forces are one of the main culprits for breaking the spirits of the young men and women in their care. The reasons why are not up for debate in this article .I am trying to point out that it is an accepted method of control and what long lasting damage it inflicts. It is up to the reader to decide if this is the type of behaviour that we wish to continue in our society. As I have mentioned this has gone on for generations it means there are many souls incarnating with aspects of themselves missing.

Can you mend a broken spirit or to put it another way be reconnected to your missing soul pieces? The answer is yes people with soul fragmentation can be put back together again. The question which has to be asked is does this apply to me. You may feel that something is missing that you are not whole. You may look to others for clues as to how to behave, you may just know that something is not right with yourself but cannot determine what.

By Robina Hearle. Nov 2008.

Author Bio :
Robina nad her Sister Sue are founders of The Enlightenment Process. Asystematic deep healing and cleansing leading to Enlightenment. You have to be a whole soul to do this , so Sue and Robina facilitate soul healing. see for contact details

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