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Case History 2- The 100 Year Old Energy Vampire

{written by : Nita Hickok (c)2008}

Article word count : 1626 -- Article Id : 1127
Article active date : 2008-11-25 -- Article views : 7802

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Article is about :
The next case history is about a psychic vampire case that I had in the southern United States. I was contacted by a woman who lived in one of the Southern states. She described her problems and the person she believed was causing them. Betty then stated the name..

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by Pieter Heydenrych

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It reminded me of a really nice woman and her daughter that I had met in California. They had been nice to an older man who helped them with fixing their house that had been falling to pieces. The man had a special prayer method and the same name of the person who Betty said was causing her problems.

The daughter developed brain tumors and brain cancer. They had to sell the house to pay for all of the medical bills. I met them when they were living in the same apartment building I lived in at the time. The Mother was always nice to me.

My husband and I were having a rough time as he is a disabled veteran and we are always scraping for money to have a normal life. California was so much more expensive than where I live now that I was having many problems having any sort of budget. The Mother was a person who loved the peace and quiet of fishing. The daughter could not eat fish so the Mother had quit for awhile. Yet after she saw my husband and I fishing one day. She would go fishing every couple of days to help us with the budget.

I have had many cruel people in my life and realize that an act of kindness is something to thank the divine for every time it happens in your life. It is not normal anymore to be kind to anyone. The Mother made me feel so much better just having someone be nice to me while I was struggling.

The daughter’s cancer kept growing and I talked to her and tried to cheer her up. Nothing worked as the daughter said she had sinned and that she deserved what was happening to her. I was doing healing work back then and wondered how anyone could feel that way about himself or herself.

I tried to help as she said she would do anything to keep around her children but she would not tell me what happened to her to maker her feel like a sinner. The day before she went into the hospital the last time she told me about her experience.

They had been kind to an older man who was handy at carpentry. He did things in an old-fashioned style that was beautiful and was not common in carpentry work anymore. The daughter’s husband was lazy and did not like this older man helping. The husband beat upon her for having another man in the house doing work, and was arrested.

The older man was still helping her out and she was a religious person. He taught her a way to pray and said that he was a healer trained by a tribal shaman in the area. She started feeling drained every time he was around and they did the prayer together. She started feeling ill a little later and really became sick and unable to function even to help her children. The Mother moved up to where the daughter was living to help her daughter, as she knew something was wrong. The Mother met the older gentleman and did not like him at all. She had clear seeing which is clairsentience and could see he was up to no good.

The Older man said he was moving to the Southern states and before he moved showed the Mother and Daughter a birth certificate stating he was over a 100 years old. He told them he had brain cancer and would have died except he passed it on in the prayer to the daughter. The daughter said I do not have brain cancer just hormone problems and threw him out of the house. He just laughed at her and left the area for the Southern United States.

The daughter was admitted to the hospital with convulsions and they found tumors in her brain that were slow growing and should have shown up on the last medical tests. It would have taken years for the tumors to grow to the size the x-rays showed and they were inoperable.

They sold the house to pay the bills and moved to where the Mother was living before she came to stay with them. It was where I met them in California. The daughter died knowing that because she had prayed with this predator this illness had happened to her. I tried to tell her God had not forsaken her and break the energies but I had met her too late to help.

It had happened over 10 years in the past when the woman who called me up from the Southern United States mentioned the name and method of prayer that my friend had talked about to me. I knew it was serious as she was mentioning that she was going into early menopause and was too young for this and the doctors could not find out what was happening to her system.

The older man helping her was a carpenter, and had shown her a birth certificate proving he was over 100 years old. I told her that she should get me down there to help her and to remove the evil he did to her and her family. I did not say anything that had happened to my friend in the place I used to live. I did tell her after I was done and to be sure she saw the doctors and did all of the tests that they wanted her to do.

I arrived in her town and did the protection of the home from energy predators. I set up energetic shields, and made sure that nothing could get in to the energies of the house. The energies of a healer remove illnesses and evil. Yet someone trained in these methods could pervert the energies to do the opposite. I was just amazed that anyone with these gifts would be so afraid of death that they would want to harm anyone else. Talents and abilities of healing also go with knowledge of death and the fact that it is nothing to be afraid of in any way.

Our soul is indestructible and nothing can harm it. Our body may die but we are immortal and eternal. The poor victim had her husband scoffing at her. The children had developed colds and illnesses and she was no longer praying with the older man using the special prayer method he had been using with her.

I hoped that I had arrived in time to help her. I had her health get better and the energies break about a day before I was due to leave the area. I was so grateful. She and I traveled into the town to celebrate and she needed to take the children to Wal-mart.

I was watching the children enjoy themselves when she said “Oh no.” An older man was coming towards us. He had black hair and looked about 50 years old yet he had been older than that when my friend described him ten years ago. He looked at me and said “Girly I know what you are trying to do. I am over a hundred years old and no one has stopped me yet.” I do not know where I found the words but I said “I guess you just had not met me yet.”

He tried to hurt me with energy and I turned everything back upon him and made it so he could not harm anyone all the illnesses and harm he caused just stayed around him. He would no longer be able to suck others dry and harm them. I left him a chance of doing good deeds but he was totally bound and blocked from removing others energies and making them ill.

I left the next day and he came over the trailer before I left. The change was amazing as he had white hair and looked 20 years older in one day. He threatened me again and I let him try what he to energetically harm me as it would just make it worse on him.

I have had the victim write me a few times over the following 8 years. She said he became old and died just like everyone else. She had health problems but survived them and did not have cancer.

I have felt blessed by God for his helping me to stop a predator that lived off the energy of others. Everyone hears about energy vampires but most of the people do not know what they are doing to their health. Energy Vampires do not realize they are using others energies 80% of the time. Yet the ones that are predators now form vampire houses and say they have to feed off of others. I have seen psychic vampires able to quit feeding and go back to being normal people with normal energy systems. The only thing that caused suffering was the period where their energies learned the frequencies of life and how to exist as a normal person.

Energy predators are not harmless to others. They can cause suicides suck the goodness and luck right out of a person because they love the vampire or like them as a friend. I do have methods that will work against them. I have methods in my book and also methods for shields that they do not like. Vampires enjoy most shields because they absorb them and suck the person dry of energy. I developed special shields that worked against them to be sure they could not harm others that knew how to do the shields.

I hope this helps everyone to realize that energy vampires exist. It is amazing what people will pervert for their own selfish reasons.

Author Bio :
I have been an astral healer, exorcist, distant healer, and magician for 37 years. I am also an author and my book is listed on Amazon and at I also have a blog at

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