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Artfully Decorate With Feng Shui

{written by : Beverly Hlavka}

Article word count : 1125 -- Article Id : 1152
Article active date : 2008-11-26 -- Article views : 7801

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Article is about :
Decorating can be more intentional than just placing a chair or pillows in a certain location. Read how to use the principles of Feng Shui to decorate any room in your home or office and assist with your goals and dreams at the same time.

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Are you planning a living room or bedroom makeover project? Are you a first time homeowner? Have you completed construction on a dream home? If so, the interior decorating styles to choose from are many - antique or eclectic, contemporary chic or rustic, southwest or French country and that is only the beginning. Interior designers can assist with color selection and finding small details to complete your favorite look, however, choosing home decor is a very personal choice. Put your personality into choosing furnishings and accessories because it will make a difference. You might also consider using the principles of Feng Shui and follow some easy Feng Shui tips when you furnish your home.

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of placement. It is an ancient art combined with science, symbolism and mysticism. A basic theory is that energy is all around in every space and makes up every thing. We are all made up of the same energetic "stuff" as everything on the planet – every object is the same. The things you place in your home can have a supportive or negative influence on the energy. This energy should flow in a balanced and harmonic fashion, or it could be stuck, stagnant or moving too quickly. When the energy is not balanced, you may feel drained, burnt out, stuck in the mud, scattered or nervous. The unbalanced energy also affects the things that happen in your life. What are your goals? Are you achieving everything you desire? Are you looking for a partner in life, do you want more money or better health, do you feel like you want more support from the family? Your goals are supported by using some common sense Feng Shui decorating tips and placing beautiful and metaphorical symbols around your home.

The things you have in your home are speaking directly to the Universe about your belief systems. Your possessions say a lot about what you believe in yourself. For example, look at the artwork in your home. If you are looking for a life partner, do you have pictures of a woman standing alone, walking alone down a street alone, or staring depressingly and alone at the water? The artwork surrounding you is reinforcing only one thing, "being alone". There are nine areas of life in Feng Shui, and partnership is one of them. The color of this area is pink, so an ideal picture to hang in a home with the intention of finding a life partner is a photo of two people holding hands, walking in the moonlight, or two pink clover blossoms growing together in the sun. Pairs reinforce the desire for a partner so think in pairs when decorating for partnership because there are always two people in a couple.

If you want more money flowing into your life than flowing out, choose a beautiful ocean setting. The "Shui" in Feng Shui means water in Chinese. Water is auspicious in Feng Shui so having beautiful pictures of water placed with intention in a home reinforces the flow of money into your life. Choose a photo that has shades of purple as the predominant color. Purple is the color of the wealth area and it reinforces the flow of money even more. Fish are symbolic of money in China. Place gold fish in the wealth corner of the home or a picture of fish. Often you see fish or aquariums at the front door of a Chinese restaurant. They are calling for good business and a lot of money into their restaurant.

If you want more support from your family, choose a beautiful painting of trees, or a lined path of trees. Trees are among the strongest, most supportive things on the planet. Their roots are deep and they reach into the sky for their strength and inspiration. Take some of the strength of the trees if you need more support in your life. Other tips for support are to make sure the headboard of your bed is placed against a wall and that your office chair has a solid wall behind it. These two things instantly reinforce the idea of support in your life.

Do you feel like you want more protection in your home? Personal animal totems are great in a house for protection. My animal totem is probably different from yours. Sit silently and ask an animal to "present" itself to you, or what animal makes you feel safe and happy when you think of it. What is the first animal you think of? If in your mind"s eye, you picture a lion, place a sculpture or figure of a lion near the front door. Any animal will work for protection. I worked with a real estate agent that could not sell a home. She asked me what I thought and when I asked her about the fierce lions guarding the front door, she said she would remove them. The house sold immediately after she placed them in another area. The lions in this case had been protecting her a little too much. This is all about knowing intention. If your intention is for protection, the animals are ideal. If it is to sell a house, the intention changes and you must be aware of this when you get the house ready for sale.

If health is an issue, consider a snake. Are you surprised? Snakes may not make you feel warm and fuzzy, but they are powerful, positive signs from the Universe. They shed their skin and continue to grow and transform themselves. For the same reason, this symbol would also be good in the career area if you were searching for a new job or position. The curves of the snake also reinforce the symbol of water, which is the element of the career area. Another choice for health is a lovely sunflower. The sunny bloom is yellow and healthy against the blue sky and yellow is the color of the health area in Feng Shui. Living plants and flowers are also ideal to reinforce health and longevity. Place a bamboo plant anywhere in your home. Bamboo is a powerful symbol of longevity in Feng Shui.

These are just a few ideas of how artwork, symbols and photos can influence your thoughts and support your goals. There is so much more to the world of decorating with Feng Shui. For more information about any Feng Shui products or tips, check online. Remember, it is okay to have things in your home if you love them and they make you smile when you look at them. Your furnishings should support your goals and reflect your personality. Your home will feel wonderful when you decorate with the principles of Feng Shui.

Author Bio :
Beverly Hlavka is a successful certified Feng Shui consultant, Aromatherapist and entrepreneur. She offers guidance, suggestions and ideas for decorating your home or business by using the principles of Feng Shui. Her many tips can be found at You can contact her at

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