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New Wave Intelligence

{written by : Mark Berkery}

Article word count : 575 -- Article Id : 1187
Article active date : 2008-11-29 -- Article views : 8106

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Article is about :
Reflections: On the pure sense Nature is and the beauty and instinctive intelligence in it. And on the Nature in Human Nature emotionalised and the solvent God Nature is to it.

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The recent wave of Dragonflies peaked about a week ago. They came with the first wave of heat as the summer got under way, appearing in one"s and two"s until they were uncountable in places at times. And then they just disappeared with only the occasional one showing up in the usual places. Then the rain came and it even got cold again on one or two nights.

Just as the wave of water rises before it breaks on the shore, so the wave of Dragonflies rose and broke on the shore of the fact of living, every body dies. Existence is a wave of form carried on the light of intelligence. Everything happens in waves. I am a wave, you are a wave. All waves break, what matters is the intelligence that keeps them coming. That intelligence is now, in sense.


It has been sunny and hot for a couple of days now. I stopped on the way home to go for a walk on the beach in Wooyung late this afternoon. It’s a particular place where there is a walk through the bush before coming to the ocean. I went for a walk, leaving the ‘Photographer’ in the boot as has become my habit, and the first thing I noticed was all the young Dragonflies. One, the light yellow and white, the other a deep dark red.


There is a new wave of Dragons, young Dragons, a fraction the size of the ones I came upon first this year. And other little creatures.

On the way to the beach I stopped to inspect a clump of low growing eucalypt. It has been populated in the past by various creatures and today was no exception. There were hundreds of the bright yellow and red ladybugs with the black markings, and a few different kinds of grasshopper. A new wave of life.

The ladybugs were all over me in a short while and I had to pick a few off. If you ever pick one up you may notice they immediately seek the high ground, the tip of my finger in this case, from where they usually open their wing casings, spread their wings and take off. It’s a wonder to watch up close. Delightful, colourful slow motion creatures.


When I got to the beach the Dragons were everywhere, and lively, as the sun was about to set. All the tiny flying creatures, gnats, midges and a myriad others I will never know that use the cool of the setting suns shade to exercise their flying nature. These young Dragons didn’t stand still at all, flitting from perch to perch with no obvious pattern to it, feeding on the bounty rising from the ground cover as the day turns to night. Another wave.

I got to see the Dragons close enough to appreciate the beautifully designed architecture and lovely colouring. I was closely inspecting a yellow one that had settled on a twig about waist height and as I got to within a foot or so a young red one came and tumbled with the yellow one in a flash of colour and wings. The yellow one wasn’t taking it too seriously, it wasn’t an attack. It was more like playing or teasing and the red one went on its way very soon after. It is a wonder to see Dragons play, a privilege really.


© Mark Berkery

Author Bio :
Mark has a love of nature that he expresses on a blog at using pictures and essay to illustrate the essential place nature has in the spiritual life. To entertain, engage and inform. The above article is adapted from here: New Wave Where you can see the photographs used to illustrate.

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