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Feel The Oneness

{written by : Joseph Schwartzman}

Article word count : 621 -- Article Id : 1202
Article active date : 2008-11-30 -- Article views : 8112

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Article is about :
Experience the love of being one with the all that is. Experience oneness with the conscious universe.

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Feel the oneness

Find a comfortable position either lying or sitting.

First let your body relax. Imagine that your toes are relaxing. Then move up to your calves and along to your stomach, then your chest. Finally feel your arms let go, releasing their hold all of your burdens.

Now we want you to let go completely as if you were a balloon rising. As it rises the balloon continues its rise into clouds and then beyond into the clear air.

When the balloon rises above the air it releases the air within in order to propel it into the universe.

When you have risen beyond the earth then you begin to sense that there is something which resides in space. It is as if it were everywhere at once. Now, without the distortion of living on earth, you feel with your mind that consciousness is everywhere. You know that you are one with this consciousness, that you have always been one with this consciousness. You know that the One is the master of space and that all that dwells within it are a part of it.

For the planets and the stars are within space, yet space does not demand that they be separated from it. The stars and the planets are concentrations of consciousness. So beings who dwell on planets and suns are aware of themselves and their surroundings.

Space itself has no self awareness as much as can be achieved in concentration.

You are one throughout the universe. This means that you are one with all planets and all beings. When you feel love it is felt in all places. Then realize that your feelings are important. Therefore you learn to choose how you will feel as this affects the all.

Then how you feel is felt by all the universe as One.

A lesson can be learned from this. By learning to send your love outward you are creating more love in all beings. Then try to spend time sending love out from yourself. The reward is that you will in turn receive the love that you have created.

When you create anger or fear then your reward is to experience these feelings again later on.

As a part of the One you see that creation happens in the individuals who choose to create.

So go down to the earth as one who knows these truths. Bring love into the world by choosing to forgive, or by choosing to be kind, or by choosing to let go of anger.

Choose well as what you do creates. Choose well as oneness is in concentration in the earth itself and therefore has more power.

Now we go with one last word and that is that you will remember at least once a day to experience a deep sense of unending, unlimited love for the complete Oneness that is the all-that-is. When you do this your life will be enriched on all levels. For even the physical body comes out of the One consciousness. Its needs, desires, wants and even how it chooses its path of living, are a part of this oneness, this love, these choices.


I am not separate from all that is
I am responsible for my life and for others
I remember my oneness to all
I am sensing love around me even now
I send the love by wishing it to flow outward from me

I resume my day with a sense of achievement
I reclaim love lost through my anger or resentment
Then peace is my reward and so is accomplishment
for now I am One
and my oneness serves me
as it does the whole universe and all beings within it.


Author Bio :
Joseph Schwartzman is a channeler and an artist. He was born and still lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He is very active in the field of personal spiritual growth. He wrote the book "Creating Light, How to Illuminate Your Life" and is working on an extensive website on this subject.

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