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Elevating our Relationships

{written by : Jiulio Consiglio }

Article word count : 368 -- Article Id : 1250
Article active date : 2008-12-07 -- Article views : 9458

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Article is about :
This article focuses on some of the basic reasons why relationships flourish or fail. It also focuses on the basic elements that are required to elevate them to higher levels of peace, harmony and bliss.

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Our relationships are a reflection of our inner feelings and attitudes reflected outward. Relationships don’t succeed or fail because of luck or what we read in our daily horoscopes. Relationships change because we change our value about them. They change for the better or worse based on our priorities.

The moment we “fall out of love” what do many of us do? We terminate the relationship, we decide to leave it. It may be because the passion has faded or because she or he doesn’t treat us the way they used to. There are several reasons,but one thing is for certain... it always ends mutually either unconsciously or consciously. In other words, relationships fail because people give up on them or they stop seeing value in them. There is nothing wrong with that, sometimes endings have to occur so that new beginnings can take place. But what if we decided to make it work? What key ingredients are necessary to elevate them?

Acceptance, forgiveness, and understanding are but a few elements that help make any relationship cohesive. Many times we unconsciously choose to not accept others because we have stopped accepting ourselves. Acceptance of anyone else begins within. How can you expect anyone to love you if you don’t love yourself first? Forgiveness is also key because it allows you to release yourself and the other from past misgivings. How can you create more wondrous moments if you’re still reliving the bad ones? And lastly, understanding allows you to be in the other’s shoes. It begins by first understanding who we are through a path of self-discovery! You’re the greatest mystery that is! Learn everything you can about yourself. Find out why you operate the way you do. Look deep within. Explore your mind. Decide who you want to be in any given relationship.

Obviously, there are many other key ingredients that make for a successful relationship, but these are wonderful foundations to begin building a solid one. Add water (unconditional love) to your relationships and remember to keep trimming the weeds (past grievances). It’s a daily practice that can lead to the most meaningful, wonderful experiences in your life.

Author Bio :
Jiulio Consiglio was born in Ontario, Canada. He was educated in applied sciences in New York. At the age of thirty-three, Consiglio experienced a deep transformation, leading him to write his first book, Challenge Your Thoughts.

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