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What we fear

{written by : Tina Morrison}

Article word count : 480 -- Article Id : 1265
Article active date : 2008-12-09 -- Article views : 8996

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Article is about :
Power of the thoughts and creation in Astral reality

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Anything unknown creates curiosity and of course, fear. Unknown places and entities from different realities of existence always were and still are the source of great speculation. Do they really exist? Are they real? Well, this is all a matter of perception and belief, which is deeply personal. I, for example, have no doubt of their existence. In my opinion the universe is infinite and anything is possible, as creation is a never ending process. I also believe, that we are the masters of creation. By using our thoughts, which are the living energy, there is no limit what can be achieved. Each of us creates separate and unique world which consists not only the total picture of our surroundings in physical world, but also shapes Astral reality.

There has been literally thousands of books written on the subjects, and yes, some of them are excellent source of information. Some are better than others, of course, for simple reason, that there is a difference if the author is a gifted medium or simply repeating what others have revealed already. I am not a medium, therefore my writings are based on other personal observations, good intuition and extended lucid dreaming experience.

So, I believe we are responsible for creating our own reality not only here, but also in Astral world. We’re all different, and yet, there are two distinguish groups we divide into; beings of darkness (demonic) and beings of light. Here on earth, we’re all mixed together and as a result, have to ‘put up’ with all sorts of unfavourable situations and lots of heartache. In Astral however, the situation is somehow reversed. Physical death is like a filter, a natural segregation I call it, when ‘likes attracts likes‘ takes place. Therefore in Astral, one finds himself surrounded by beings who are in harmony with our thoughts, likes, and dislikes, where all is operating on similar energy level. It is vital to remember; what shall you create before you get there, will greet you. Create beauty or ugliness, hope or fear, love or hate, and this is exactly what you’ll get. This is the law of justice, the law of universe. Lots of people fear death because it represents the unknown territory, a separation from the reality we’re used to. And yes, life in physical means experiencing physical death, as everything in physical is limited to its own life-span.

Because fear of death comes from lack of knowledge, it’s important to gain as much information as one can get on the subject. Keeping an open mind is essential and you must remember, that however hard you try, it’s not possible to get answer to everything, to get to know all the secrets and information. As limited the physical world is, the Astral has no limits - and is limited only by our own imagination.

Author Bio :
Written by Tina Morrison

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