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Where is God?

{written by : Tina Morrison}

Article word count : 407 -- Article Id : 1267
Article active date : 2008-12-10 -- Article views : 9119

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Article is about :
My personal conclusion on existence of God

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I don’t want to participate in any guessing, hypothesis, repeating or preaching. I’m not interested in complicating the matter even further. I’m sure most of us is aware, that subjects on spiritual team have tendency to go very deeply indeed when considering a question of existence of God. I personally do not see any need for that, since there are already thousands of books have been written ‘explaining it‘, and often boring the reader to tears. Seriously! But the worse bit is, many of those ‘revelations of the truth’ do not leave any room to exercise free, constructive thinking. In my opinion, and I’ve got reasons to believe, the concept of God as an individual entity is an absurd. I came to this conclusion after a long and hard journey, which included 33 years of my life as devoted catholic. There is no God outside of us! It’s us who create, it’s us who has the power and deeply hidden abilities of all sorts. We are infinite beings.

Asking who created us, is the same as asking who created God. We are not created in God likeness, it’s the other way round; man created the image of God who looks like us. (Perhaps we’ve all heard of an old man with a long white beard looking down on us from the sky?..) Please, do not understand me wrongly; I do not have all answers, and like many others, consider myself now a seeker and freethinker.

I do not follow any spiritual master, sect, guru, or religion. What appears truthful to some has no meaning to others. I came to conclusion, there is as many ’truths’ as ‘masters‘, and yet, each is shouting something else... So, who do you follow? Think about it. What I know is that I’m a free spirit, who refuses to submit my power and free-will to some man-made, money-making religion. The moment you do that, you open yourself to manipulations which have absolutely nothing to do with real spiritual life. ’Religious’ people, are vulnerable people. There is a good reason why the whole image of God is created as rather scary. Well, if you fear the God, you’ll do as you’re told. Obedience is the key. But, if you look inside your heart with open mind many times over, you’ll realise, that perhaps you are the judge and creator. All in one.

Author Bio :
Written by Tina Morrison

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