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Candle Magick for Love

{written by : H.P. Thomas Moore}

Article word count : 2634 -- Article Id : 1281
Article active date : 2008-12-13 -- Article views : 9663

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Article is about :
Spells for love can be tricky, and you'll want to get it just right. Here is s imple way for Candle Magick for Love that is sure to keep simple and easy!

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What is Magick:

Magick itself is the art of manipulating energy in order to achieve a desired result.

Everything is made of energy and as Einstein says it can’t be created or destroyed simply changed. Magick changes the energy from one purpose to another in order to achieve what it is the caster desires.

Magick is all about belief. You have to believe that the magick will work. If you do not believe that it will work for you then you are wasting time…belief is everything!

What is Candle Magick?:

You have actually been practicing candle magick since you were a toddler. Don’t believe me? Well we all have birthday’s right? We blow out the candles on our cake and make a wish for ourselves. We concentrate and then blow them out and believe that it will come to pass for us. This is a form of candle magick. If you light a candle while meditating or taking a bath to relax you are performing a form of candle magick.

Candle Magick for Love:

When we talk about this we are not talking about making someone fall in love with you. You cannot force someone to do something that is against their free will. Besides, what happens if you get tired of the person or find out that they are just not right for you after all? Now you’re stuck with them and all because of a little spell to find love. Instead what we will talk about in this class are ways to perform candle magick in order to help produce self love and worth and therefore attract a partner to share that love with. You cannot give love fully until you are able to accept love fully and accept the love of yourself.

So if you thought that I was going to teach you magickal ways to force someone to love you. Well I apologize that it not what we are here for but I’m sure that you will benefit from the information that we are going to go over for this class today.

Types of Candles:

Beeswax candles are becoming more and more popular as far as candle magick goes because they are all natural. The only downside is that they can be pricy.

Paraffin candles are the more common form of candle that is found out there, and though not totally natural are the ones that are mostly used for candle magick.

Colors of Candles:

As we all know each and every color has a different meaning to it. Because we are talking in this class about candle magick for love we are going to focus on the candle colors that are best used for this purpose. 

RED: red is the color of sexuality as well as the color for the root chakra at the base of the spine. This color tends to have a lot of energy to it when it comes to sexual matters. Burning a red candle in this situation will help aid in self manifestation of sexual desire by a partner as well as being more comfortable with ones own sexuality. I find that many people are uncomfortable with who they are sexually and tend to disguise it by acting in a way that they “think” is the proper sexual manner. There is no proper sexual manner to act in…unless of course it is YOUR sexual manner. Being comfortable in your own skin is a big part of attracting a partner, no one wanting someone that is uncomfortable. The people that you see that get the most dates are usually the people that are sexually comfortable with themselves. This color is good for couples that are having sexual problems in a relationship as well.

PINK: pink is the color of universal love as well as the heart center chakra. When I talk about universal love I am not talking about unconditional love they are actually separate beings. Universal love talks about both giving and receiving love fully and without doubt or prejudice. Unconditional love is loving a person no matter what. The two work very closely together but have very separate meanings. Burning a pink candle in this matter is going to help you to personally be able to give and receive love in all aspects of life not simply a romantic aspect. This is important because in order to really gain a relationship with the person that you have attracted you must be willing to accept their love as they give it and at the same time feed your love back to them creating a full circle of universal and unconditional love.

BURGUNDY: burgundy is the color of romance. Romance is important in any relationship in order to give the love an outlet to express itself fully and without hesitation. The words I love you simply have lost their meaning in this day and age, and it is an unfortunate thing. Simply saying the words does not instill in a person the feeling of being loved anymore, or at best not like it used to. Romance has become the outlet in which love can flow in a creative way and cause the partner to feel the care thought and love that was put into creating the romance. After the partner feels the love from the romance they can then easily feed that love energy back to their partner in a fulfilling way to be sure that each person is fully enjoying the sensation of love. This color is also great for couples that may be having some romantic difficulties in the relationship.

Now these are just the color correspondences for candles and have nothing to do with the extra stuff that you can do with them as well like spells, carvings, herbs or oils. Each of them have their own meanings as well and combined together increase the effectiveness of what you are trying to achieve but remember that most of all it is your belief in the spell and the power of it that will make it happen for you.

I want to mention here a few things as well when it comes to spells. Firstly they may not work immediately. The energy has been sent out into the universe to achieve your goal but sometime sit has to wait around for the right moment before it takes action. This is important because it means that you have to be open to the circumstances that appear to you when they do in order to receive what it is you have sent out into the universe. Be aware of the situation that you are in because it may be the one that the universe has been waiting for to aid you. Secondly, you cannot expect it to work if you are not going to put the effort in on the physical plane. You have to go out, date, go to clubs or meeting places and meet people. Just because you did a spell does not mean that the person that is meant for you is going to find your house and knock on your door in the middle of the night if they have never met you before. You have to be willing to put some work into it as well. The universe can only do so much without your application in the physical realm. This also doesn’t mean that the first date that you go on or the first person that you meet after you do the spell is the person that is right for you. You may find though that you become more and more comfortable with the self love and worth as you experience things after doing the spell but again it is not going to appear out of no where. Be willing to take the time to work on the self with these spells and grow into a better person that is able and capable of finding that true love that we all wish for. Don’t be upset either if you have to re-do the spell again at a later date. You may have some more to work on before the universe can direct you in the path that it wants you to go in order to achieve your goal. This dies not mean that you have failed, it simply means that you have to work a little more on the self love that you need in order to attract that perfect person.


We all know that flowers have a lot to do with love in itself, and I am actually not even talking about herbs at this point but actual flowers. Let’s go over some meanings of flowers that can be used in order to help with self love to ultimately attract the love of another. Flowers can be used in addition to any spell that you use for these purposes and can be carried with you or planted in order to grow that relationship. Be sure to keep them well so that the relationship you grow is fruitful.

Roses: roses for a long time have been associated with love. The energy that the rose possesses is one of lust love and romance. If you are looking for a highly active sexual relationship that also has its romantic side the rose is the best flower to use. Especially if it is red, going back to the colors from before.

Daisy: many people don’t think of this flower in a loving sense at all. The daisy however has an energy associated with it that produces a lasting friendship in a relationship. Though it may not be very sexually active, the daisy helps with communication and friendship in the relationship that you are looking for.

Orchid: the orchid flower helps with finding a love that is pure and unwavering. This flowers energy produces the thought that the relationship will forever be true no matter what the circumstances that come. This is what we call the fairy tale flower as well, being one that aids in finding that prince or princess that you have been looking for.


Here I want to talk about some herbs that can be used in order to achieve your goals of finding love. The herbs that I mention here can be used in oils to anoint the candle, can be burned as incense, or even carried on the body. Some herbs are poisonous so please do not ingest any of them without proper authorization from a licensed herbologist. I am simply giving you the magickal uses for the herbs here and not medical uses. I am not an herbologist and do not have authority to tell you what can and cannot be ingested by you or another.

Adam & Eve Root: This is a 2 part herb that is best used after you gain the relationship. One partner carries half and the other carries the other half this is to help make the relationship stronger between the 2 parties.

Rose Buds Dried: Same as before with the roses. You can burn these as incense or carry them with you to attract that love to you by promoting the self love that you possess.

Rosemary: working in a similar way as the roses do, rosemary works strongly with finding a lover that is going to be faithful to you.

Cinnamon: want a lover that is sweet? Use cinnamon in order to attain that sweetheart..

Willow: in order to attract a lover that is spiritual as they are romantic use willow as a charm to bring them to you.


The herbs we listed though they have some great magickal uses are not usually the best smelling by any means. So let’s talk about some more aromatic solutions that you can use to help attract a lover to you.

Sex: these scents are best used as aphrodisiacs:

-Ginger, Jasmine, Patchouli, Rose, Vanilla, Ylang Ylang, Lilac


Apple, Freesia, Iris, Lilac, Tuberose, Ylang Ylang, Gardenia

As far as oils all of these can be used and are used as general attractants as well.

You can also get mixes of oils like Starchild’s Love oil that is a mix of essentials in order to attract love.


Possibly the best stone that you can use to attract love is going to be a rose quartz. My personal belief is that all others will pale in comparison. Sure you can use something like a ruby to enhance the spell if you are purely looking for a lustful relationship but we are talking about love here…universal and complete. Use a rose quartz to attract that type of love to you. If it is in a piece of jewelry even better! It makes it easier to carry around with you to exude that energy.

Anointing the Candle:

Any oils that you want to use or even herbs can be anointed onto the candle to increase its burning power. If you are wanting to attract you are going to anoint from the top of the candle down to the base. If you are wanting to repel you are going to do the opposite. When you light a candle you should be sure that you can safely leave it lit for a period of time. This way the energy of the work that you have done can easily move into the universe and begin to take form. If you have to put out a candle that you are using for magickal purposes then you should do so by snuffing it. If you blow out the candle you are dispersing the energy that it is creating and so it cannot fully gather. If you snuff it you simply cut off the energy flow and allow all the energy that it has gathered by burning to go together into the universe.


Symbols can also be used for this purpose. You can carve them into the candle or write them on paper and carry with you.

Heart single or double, a plus or positive sign, double rings (especially if you are looking for marriage) you can even go as far as to write down all the things that you are looking for in the perfect mate and burn the paper with the candle that you are using for the spell.


Spells need not be extremely ritualistic in nature; in fact just a few simple words will usually do, especially if you say them each time that you light the candle for the day. Here are a few simple ones that you can use to get started. Don’t be afraid to make your own as well…just be sure to keep it general remember you cannot force someone to love you if it is against their free will so no names!

“Perfect lover come to me, as I will so mote it be!”

“By the power of Earth and Fire, I call the lover of my Desire!”

“Through the air, across the sea, bring my lover Blessed Be!”

“Aphrodite, Blessed Be, bring my true lover close to me!”

The thing with magick is, that the more you have working for your intent as well as the strength of your intent itself is going to bring about the best results. You have to have that faith in your own power and what you do or it is not going to work for you.

Before you do anything magickally you need to be sure that it is what you want. Don’t go casting spells frivolously, after you know it is what you want take action by casting and then continue that action by working on it at your physical level and having the faith that it is going to work for you on all other levels.

Author Bio :
Thomas has practiced Wicca since the age of 15 after deciding to pass the Christian religion. He studied as a solitary for years and self taught on all that he knows. Currently Thomas is the High Preist of the Coven of Light in South West Florida, and retail manager of a New Age Store called Starchild in Port Charlotte Florida.

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