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The Blue Flame

{written by : Donna Somerville}

Article word count : 2568 -- Article Id : 1324
Article active date : 2008-12-24 -- Article views : 9098

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Article is about :
There was a village and in this village, in its true centre, there was a flame. This flame burned high and burned strong, it did not have a beginning and did not seem to have an ending either. It was just there, burning brightly, as it always had.

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There was a village and in this village, in its true centre, there was a flame. This flame burned high and burned strong, it did not have a beginning and did not seem to have an ending either. It was just there, burning brightly, as it always had. Many people from the village, gathered around the flame each day and from it they sought strength and warmth. The flame seemed to be able to reach inside each of them and softly restore them. And so, it became a routine that each day was finished by the people gathering around the flame and feeling nourished by it. They would fill themselves with its warmth, then they would leave. They would return to their beds, sleep through the night, and then begin again. It was as if the flame renewed them and gave them the strength to continue on in their lives, each new day.

It so happened that one day the flame began to burn brighter, higher and hotter than ever before. The people did not know what to think. As they gathered, one by one at the flame, they found they had to stand further back. The intensity of the flame now made it too uncomfortable to stand so close. So they stood farther back.

Then another day came. This day, the people went to the flame first thing upon waking, for they were curious to know if it had grown yet again. And indeed, it had.

The flamed burned higher and brighter than before. In fact, so much higher and so much brighter that now, in the very centre of it, there was a blue patch. The centre of the flame had changed color.

Grandpa, the oldest among them, stepped forward to the flame and looked as closely as he dared. Then he turned his back to the flame and he spoke. “I have never, in all my times, seen the flame such as it is now. It is indeed different. It is blue in its centre and I have no answer as to why.”

The people all looked to each other. This was a strange time, a changed time; Grandpa had no answers, he always had answers; and the flame, their flame was brighter and hotter. It was blue in its centre. The people were disturbed but no answers? What to do?

The people disbursed, each going his or her own way, into their day. At the end of their day, one by one, each once again returned to the flame. They found the flame was higher and brighter and still more blue. But now the blue in the centre had changed as well. A long thick blue “pillar” ran through the entire length and centre of the flame.

Everyone stood back, back from the flame, as if they we beginning to become afraid of it. Everyone was hesitant, except one, one small little girl of about five years old. She let go of her Mother’s hand and she curiously walked up to the flame.

“Wait!” cried out her Mother. “No darling, stay back. It will hurt you.”

The little girl stopped and turned to look at her Mother. “Why Mother? Why would it hurt me?”

Her Mother knew not what to answer. Grandpa spoke up. “This flame has changed. But, I tell you most assuredly, in all my times before, it has never, never hurt anyone. It has held our solace, our comfort, I believe it could not hurt anyone.”

That said, the little girl walked closer to the flame and before a word could be uttered by anyone, she walked into its very centre. There she stood in the blue.

The people gasped, as if all in one voice! Her mother screamed and fell as she ran to the flame. From the ground she cried desperately, “My baby, my baby! Please don’t hurt my baby.” She spoke as if the flame itself could hear her cry.

Grandpa came forward and helped the Mother to her feet. Then, as he helped her to stand, he spoke to the child within the blue part of the flame. “Child, child can you hear me?”

“Yes, Grandpa, I can hear you.”

“Child are you hurt?”

“No, Grandpa, not hurt, tickles.” She replied with a soft giggle.

The people were silent. No one knew what to do or if they should do anything.

Grandpa spoke again. “Child, come back to your Mother now. Come back out here please.”

“OK.” And with that the child hopped out and skipped over to her Mother’s side. Her Mother gathered her up into her arms and cried happy tears.

Grandpa grew very quiet and as if all could hear his need for quiet, everyone also grew very, very quiet. He focused on the blue heart of the flame and silently felt as if it was speaking to him. Not in words of course, but the flame seemed to reach out and touch him somehow and he felt the need to be closer. Grandpa walked over to the flame. It was indeed very, very hot. But still he needed to be closer.

“Come in.” he thought he heard, but the silence had not been broken. “Come in.“ He felt the urging again and so he leaned towards the flame and put his hand into the blue centre.

Everyone watched and waited.

Grandpa pulled his hand back and reached it over to another. “Feel,” he said, “Feel my hand.”

Everyone gathered around, and one by one, they touched his hand. Why, it felt cool. Cool like a soft flowing stream in the springtime. But how, they all wondered?

He pulled his hand from their touch. “I shall go inside and find out why.”

The people again grew very, very quiet. As they watched this man, this Grandpa of theirs, walk over to the flame and then step into its heart, its blue heart.

Grandpa’s heart fluttered as he stepped inside the flame, or so he said later when he returned. Inside he felt welcomed and very, very protected. Like one feels in the confines of one’s favourite room, in one’s own house. There was no voice, or was there? “Welcome.” Was it said, or did he just feel it. He stood very still and focused on all that was happening.

He looked over towards the little girl, and as he watched her, he became aware of changes taking place inside of him. He looked down at himself but could see nothing.

Grandpa silently closed his eyes and concentrated on what he felt inside his body. It was as if a “healing” was taking place. His breath slowed. His heartbeat slowed. Grandpa could almost feel the blood moving in his veins. Then he felt a sudden rush of coolness at his feet. He looked down but again, saw nothing.

Closing his eyes again, Grandpa concentrated on the cool feeling at his feet. It was as if a rush of cool spring air ran through his body and out his feet. This cool rush seemed to take with it all uncomfortable feelings. Finally the cool air stopped. His breath and heartbeat became more normal and Grandpa knew it was time to leave the flame.

Before he did, Grandpa again thought he “heard” words, he was unsure. “Thank You” was it words or a feeling? He took more time to look around. He looked upwards, he looked downwards, as if searching for the being of the flame. And then, when he turned to look at all of the people of the village, he could not believe his eyes. Why they all looked red and bruised. Each looked as if they had received a severe beating from someone. Each person Grandpa saw, looked beaten, except the little girl. She appeared white and glowing around her was a circle of blue light.

This was incredible! Grandpa stepped out of the flame. He needed to share what he had come to understand, but how to explain it.

He looked down at himself and, then, looked to all of the others. But they all looked the same. He looked to his son and said “Son, I need you to enter the flame. I need you to know, what I know, to see what I have seen.”

“What did you see, Father?”

“This I will not say. But I ask you to enter the flame.” His father had never misguided him, not ever. So, he took a deep breath and walked over to the flame. Once there, he looked back only once, then he stepped inside the blue centre.

Inside the blue centre of the flame he did as his father had. He stood silently, eyes closed. He felt a wonderful, soothing coolness at his feet. The he opened his eyes and looked out at everyone. Puzzled by what he saw, he looked at each and every person. Then, he came back out of the flame.

He walked over to his Father. Before his Father could ask, the son spoke. “It was strange, Father, what I saw was so strange.” The people moved closer, so all could hear.

“What was strange, my son?”

The son explained. “As I looked out at everyone, each of you, each and every one of you, you all looked “beaten”? Each was bruised and bloody, as if you had received a severe beating.”

”Everyone?” his Father asked.

“Yes,” answered the son. “every single person here. That is, except, the son hesitated, “that is except for you, Father, and the little girl.”

“How did we look?” asked his Father.

“Why, both of you were sparkling white with a blue glow about you. It was so strange, strange and yet beautiful.”

“And how did you feel, my son?”

“Feel?” The son hesitated. He had been so overcome by what he had seen, he had quite forgotten the soothing coolness. “I felt well, Father. I felt soothed and cool and calm. Father, I felt well. I felt what I always felt from the flame, but this time in the inside.” A soft gasp ran through the crowd as it stood and listened.
Everyone nodded their heads in agreement. It was indeed strange. Everyone turned back to look at the flame.

Grandpa moved closer to the flame. He looked deep into the heart of the flame, inside its blue heart, and he began to feel an understanding growing inside of him. There was no voice this time, but a true understanding was born inside and he knew for sure, what he now knew. Grandpa had come to understand and so it was not strange to him, not anymore. He raised his hands and asked for quiet.

“Please, let me speak for I have come to understand this flame now and it is not so strange. In fact, it is glorious!” The people were suddenly silent.

“How Father?” asked the son. “What has happened here?”

“Listen and understand.” Grandpa spoke to everyone. “Each day of our lives here in this valley, we work and we live. Day by day goes by and we work and we live.

Everyone understood so far.

“Now, there are days when things do not go as well as we would hope. On these days, we suffer. We may feel sad. We may feel bad. We may feel, “he paused, “We may feel “beaten”.” Grandpa paused to let his words sink in.

His words made sense to all. Yes, there were days when each person could say that he, or she, felt “beaten” by the world around them; by the words, unkind words, harsh treatment and broken promises – yes, sometimes it was very hard to live and to go on living. Even with the flame’s renewal, new mornings we sometimes so hard. Everyone truly understood and agreed with what Grandpa was saying. But how could he know? Everyone looked down and little ashamed, they thought they had each hidden it well, their hurts and sorrows.

Grandpa continue. “What has happened here, with our flame is a miracle. It is a gift from the Creator.” The people were silent again. From the Creator? Some were not so sure.

“Yes, from the Creator! Our flame heals us! My son and I and this beautiful little girl, now have a calm wellness within. We look white with a blue glow because the blue of the flame, this flame, has healed our wounds. It has entered our hearts and healed us on the inside.”

The people looked at themselves, their arms, their legs. What wounds? They did not understand.

“No, No! I speak of the wounds you all carry that no one can see. I speak of the wounds to your heart, to your hope, to your very sense of the Creator within. These wounds we carry around secretly, and bear bravely. But, now, Rejoice! For the blue flame of the Creator is here to heal us. It is here for everyone to enter, to be healed and to come out once again – whole.”

Everyone looked closely at the flame. Grandpa urged each, one by one, to enter the flame. To stand, close their eyes and feel the wellness. To then face the others and to see what he had seen.

Slowly, one at a time, they were convinced. One by one, all began to enter into the flame and then return. After the last one came out, silence spread among the people for as they watched the flame, it had begun to fade. The blue centre was almost gone. The flame was nowhere near its previous height and its heat was fading, it was growing cold. Would it go out? Had they killed the flame with their need? Before a shame could spread, Grandpa called out to them.

“Wait! Wait! Don’t despair. Let us now give back to the flame. Everyone, everyone hold hands and form a circle around the flame.” Anxious to keep the flame alive, they did as he suggested. The circle was formed and all held hands.

“Now, everyone, close your eyes and see the flame grow once again. Imagine the blue centre, bright and strong, and the flame tall and straight. Send back thanks for what it has done for us, share your new found strength, share your new found calm. Give back, my friends, give back! “

All was quiet. The people did as Grandpa said and slowly the flame began to grow brighter and stronger. After a few minutes, the little girl opened her eyes and she shouted, “It worked Grandpa! It worked!”

Everyone clapped their hands and began to dance and sing. As they danced and sang the flame grew higher and higher and the blue grew higher and wider until it surrounded the whole of the circle and all were surrounded by the blue of the flame.

It was a happy time. And to this day, the flame is alive and its blue heart is wide within it. Where might you ask? Why, inside of each of you! Close your eyes and feel the wellness. See for yourself! Dance and be happy and feel the flame grow, inside you! The Creator put a piece of the blue flame inside each of his creations so that they would always know wellness and always feel connected to home – to the Creator. Breathe and remember wellness! Breathe and remember Home!

Author Bio :
Donna Somerville is a full time conscious medium now using her ability to listen on behalf of Your True Self. For information about private sessions, correspondence courses or classes in your area, see

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